Samsung Galaxy S3 is today’s best Android smartphone in the market. Mostly people want to root their android phones due to some reasons. Same is with Samsung Galaxy S3 but in this article we will tell you why you should not root your Samsung Galaxy S3. But before that, we have to know little bit about rooting.

What is Rooting and Why People Root their Android Phones:

Root means to get access to the “roots” of your Android phones, its like unlocking locked features of android phones. Android rooting is just like “Jailbreaking” in iPhone. Below are some reasons why People root there android phones.

1: You can install every apps. Normally you can’t install “screenshot” apps in unrooted phones but in rooted phones you can do that.

2: You are in more power:

After rooting your android phone you can also install customs ROMs which increase the functionality of Android phones.

Why You Should Not Root Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Why You Should Not Root Your Samsung Galaxy S3

But despite these advantages there are several reasons which will tell you why you should not root your Samsung Galaxy S3, below are these.

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1: You are no more able to claim warranty:

Do you want to cut off your Samsung Galaxy s3 warranty card? I’m sure that your answer will be “no”. After rooting your android phone you will not be able  claim warranty anymore.

2: What If anything goes wrong during rooting?

If you are not experienced in rooting android phones and you are going to root one of them  without  any knowledge then there are 80% for a big mistake, Which can turn your Galaxy s3 into crap.

3: Low Quality performance:

Usually people root their android phones to increase the phone’s speed and performance but only few users succeed in this process. There are 70% chances that your phone’s performance will be decreased with the passage of time ( it will increase in the start but after some time it will start decreasing ). So, this is important in reasons telling why you should not root your Samsung Galaxy S3.

4: Viruses can get in:

With rooted phones there will be more chances for viruses to get in your Android phone. In rooted phones viruses also can get in the roots of your android phones, that means they can damage everything in your phone. Mostly viruses came attached with downloads and affected apps which you download from poor app stores.

5: Your data could be hacked – Why you should not root your Samsung Galaxy S3:

As all of the viruses, trojans and spyware can also access to the roots of your Android phones, So they can help hackers to hack all of your data. So rooting android phones is really risky.

Best guide to root T-Mobile Galaxy S4

 Note: Checkout this awesome guide about android rooting.

Know the best about why you should not root your Samsung Galaxy S3:

Rooting android phones is good sometimes but its bad many times, So think twice before rooting your android phones. After rooting you can’t claim warranty, your data can get hacked and performance could also be decreased. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.

  • DarkNight7

    This article seems to be written by someone that overthink things way too much. Really, rooting your phone is not something that you must or must not do, it depends on why do you want to do it. “You are not able to claim warranty”, of course you are not, but when people (not experienced in the subject) start looking for the rooting mistery and all, their warranty is almost gone, so I don’t think that as a reason to not root it.
    “What if anything goes wrong”, come on, if you want to root your phone, you have to read about it. Every site that has a tutorial to root your phone says so. And if you do everything right, the chances of something going wrong, are the same of something going wrong when you buy your phone.
    “Low quality performance”, of course… if you didn’t read as much as you should, you are going to root it the wrong way, and affect the perfomance. Other way, nothing should do anything wrong.
    “Viruses can get it”. Seriously? Rooted or not rooted, viruses can get it. And the fact that if your phone is rooted, the virus will have root privileges is totally false. If you install a proper root manager application, you will be prompted for every application that requests root permissions and you will be able to decide whether you give them or not. If something affects your phone would be the user fault more than it is because “it’s rooted”. Obviously the same thing applies for “Your data could be hacked”.

    I do agree that if you’re not that experienced and want to root your phone because by just rooting it, it would be tons of times faster, you haven’t understood completely what rooting is about and should look for more information. But if you do know what rooting is about and you do need it for something specific, there’s nothing wrong with rooting your phone.
    I’m an owner of a Galaxy S3 rooted and I have never had any problem with it so far. In fact, it has helped me a lot.

    • Hamayon

      This article is for average minds which don’t have technical interest, all of the points explained in the article above are very helpful for average users. We don’t recommend them to root their phones.

  • 1. Unable to claim warranty? A rooted phone is in fact not covered under warranty, but a smart phone rooter will know how to put the stock rom and unroot a device before trying to file any warranty claims against the hardware.
    2. Bricking your device is a possible outcome, but I think the 80% figure is completely made up.
    3. Performance degradation? The ENTIRE reason to root an s3 is to get rid of bloated touchwiz. the S3 has great hardware, but then heavy software added to the android environment. Your explanation of performance degrading overtime makes sense if you are speaking purely of individuals who also overclock the hardware, but just eliminating touchwiz alone and sticking to stock clock speeds should provide a small performance boost that is sustaining. Your explanation is oversimplified.
    4. Only a dumb person would download and run applications from untrusted sources. Yes you can install apk files from anywhere on the internet, but you should be intelligent about it.
    5. See ↑ #4

    • side note, I like how this comment box strips away all my whitespace.

      • Hamayon

        Oh really ?

    • Hamayon

      1. Everyone trying to root phone for first time is not experienced
      2. Only if the root process done successfully.
      3. This is not only about S3, this info is about all of the android phones.
      4. Official android app store does not have some types of apps like P**N, for which people use untrusted sources.
      5. If you want to root your device then you’re so welcome, these points explained above are just warnings.

  • 1- You can unroot and get the device to it’s stock software any time.
    2- Follow steps carefully, and try to find a reliable source to tell you exactly what you need to do.
    3- The more memory you use, the more performance you lose, even on a stock software!
    4- Don’t download apps and files from unreliable sources.
    5- You can control what gets root access on your device.

    • Hamayon

      Useful tips, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Varaz

    Hey Hamayon dude, thanks for your sharings. I’m an average user, NEW to the smartphone environment (just got my SIII a couple of weeks ago). And i was thinking of rooting my phone based on advice on youtube videos.

    You might think it’s not a smart move, but it’s what an average user would do. And in the process could have stuffed things up. But Thanks to your comments I will seriously rethink rooting. Your comments are by the way the ONLY ones I found which asks the user to be wary of rooting. Every other comment basically gives the idea to go right ahead and that it’s perfectly normal and easy.

    • Hamayon

      As you have mentioned that you have bought S3 couple of weeks ago then Its not recommended to root your new android device. But learning new things ( I mean rooting ) is also good, but buy a outdated android phone which will only cost your about $20-30 then try to root that. This way you will be able to find the advantages and disadvantages of the rooting, then you can decide whether you want to root s3 or not. For just rooting android device here is a simple guide.Thanks for appreciation.

  • Christopher

    This article is indeed written to those that are just starting to think about rooting and not intended for anyone who is familiar (or remotely familiar) with rooting as those who have any knowledge know that while there are always risks, the percentage that was quoted is quite inflated and rooting today is much easier than it was a few years ago. Now, most rooting applications has a wizard that goes with it, so as long as you follow the instructions, then you should be good to go. But always one should research fully into rooting to determine if it is for them or not. So while I may disagree with most of what this article states, I appreciate how it forces people to truly research this option before diving head first.

    • Hamayon

      Yes, that’s exactly what I mean I want newbies to completely research about rooting before trying it. For trying rooting we should by a separate out dated, second hand android phone to learn its advantages and disadvantages before trying it in personal phone.In my comment above I’ve placed a link to an easy guide to root.

  • I tried to root my att S4 and the way it worked for me is running motochopper “As Admin”. Hope this helps people having issues. 🙂

  • Varun

    The statement ” You are no more able to claim warranty” is wrong. If you’re trying to induce some fear into the amateur’s, well that’s okay. Not everyone knows how to use the internet to browse and root a phone.
    A rooted phone can always be unrooted and the Samsung official ROM can be flashed using ODIN.
    There’s a custom ROM counter which keeps of count of how many times you’ve flashed your phone with custom ROM’s. Well, that’s not a problem too. Even that can be reset to zero, hence claiming warranty is not a problem.

    When the user is capable of rooting a phone, unrooting it and flashing it with the official ROM, like how he had got his phone for the first time from the box, why isn’t he entitled to warranty? He sure is. He knows what he’s doing.

  • By the way, writing a post, whatever it is.. takes a lot of patience and time. Commenting on a post is easy like I just did. Kudos to your work.

    • Hamayon

      Firstly thanks for your time, second thing is that I really appreciate your comments here. I know we can bring rooted phones to their factory condition but I wrote this post for new users who don’t know much about rooting as I have mentioned in the post.

  • craig

    I have successfully updated android versions via odin and rooted two android devices without any failure. … being of average intelligence its still absolutely easy even considering that there isn’t much to go on when rooting an s3 minni its still easy
    … you cannot use android without rooting your just robbing yourself and if you are you should rather get an iphone… just my opinion

  • trout

    I have been rooting for years and bri ked a few phones in my day but there is always a fix. The s3 is a great phone stock untill you want to use Google wallet or connect a ps3 controller to it or play a game thats not compatible. Rooting isnt bad unless you are dumb. If you are that dumb you will root your phone with no idea how to fix it if things go horribly wrong you have no business doing it to begin with. Get an iphone!!! Just sayin

    • Hamayon

      Seriously, I don’t like iPhone 🙂

  • I think advantages of rooting can override its disadvantages. Rooting is something which gives you freedom to use your android phones and use looked features which everyone wanna do. i think it is ultimately down to the user what he wants or what he not. Samsung Galaxy s4 is pretty much expensive mobile phone , i think rooting of that kind of phone isn’t good idea, highly unrecommended.

    • Hamayon

      Hello Muneeb, Thanks for your time. I totally agree with you. But this article is for the new android users ( not only s3 users ). Rooting is awesome but I want to stop new users experimenting it on new android phones but learning it on old android phones is good.

  • yes, Hamayon i do agree with you in this regard. One should use old android phones to root instead of new one’s for experimenting as it can be really dangerous. But what you say about those shops which providing their services for rooting android devices , is that really safe to get root from them instead of trying ourself? waiting for your answer! Thanks

    • Hamayon

      Who are professional and experienced repairing masters they can do this in right way and they can also bring rooted phone back to the original state.

      • J

        ANYONE CAN DO THAT. Don’t be a prick

  • Article greatly written!

    I will love to share my views and point of view here I think that you will love my point of view about rooting so please do not forget to visit

  • Every point made here is false. Just another article to scare people into thinking messing with their phones is bad.

    1. Warrenty void. False you can unroot, reset your flash counter and relock your bootloader. Samsung would never know that you’ve voided your warrenty.

    2. The only way something can go irreversibly wrong is if you follow methods written for another device. Thats why every XDA thread says READ in big letters.

    3. Low quality performance. What exactly are you basing this on? If you root your device your open to flashing ROMs which are updated with performance and battery improvements almost every week versus carriers that push out updates twice a year.

    4. Viruses. Same level of risk as being non rooted. And using the term ‘virus’ implies that its the same thing as desktop viruses which is simply false. You have to actually do something stupid like install an app from a unknown source that warns you of all the security threats BEFORE you install it.

    Rooting phones encourages people to learn about android at a much deeper level. This article is discouraging people to do that.

    • Hamayon

      Agree with you that rooting phones encourage people to learn at deeper level that’s why I’ve written this galaxy s4 root guide. But do you know why I wrote this post? To aware newbies about disadvantages of rooting, I want people to keep all these points in mind before rooting their android phone specially new ones.

      • George S

        Well if ypur making false statements to these newbies then your not helping them at all

    • Brian

      Nicely put my friend.

    • Bill

      This was a poorly written scare tactic with motives behind it, I wouldn’t take it seriously.

    • Lazaro Perez

      This guy reminds me of company tech support back like in the early 2000’s.
      Every time the computer was broking, there was a tech support guy that had no idea what he was doing, and he would blame all the computer issues on the fact that you had AIM and Yahoo messenger installed. “Oh yea umm… Your computer isn’t working because you have AIM installed. That always makes things stop working”.
      Great points Brandon… Honestly even with point 2, I have found that even when your phone seems to be completely bricked, there is still a process somewhere that lets you Odin in to it and recover it somehow. (Plus, if it is a total brick, the phone companies tech support is not good enough to tell why or can’t tell why because the phone has no software, so they will still replace it.)

    • Lazaro Perez

      Also, The phone starts faster then gets slower over time? That’s not the Root… that’s just how the phone works… and how computers work. Over time you install more apps, which slows things down more. It wIll happen rooted or not. The only difference is that a root gives you the ability to back things up and start fresh much easier. If you do that without root you are bound to lose saved games and such.

    • WelshBob

      Hi Brandon thanks for your very good reply . WelshBob

  • Brian

    he says you are no more able to claim warranty. Lol. Dude what are yoda? Just because he bricked his phone because because he’s obviously not smart at all doesn’t mean rooting is bad. I never rooted and I was scared to but I’m fairly bright so it was easy. So 80% is bullshit. Dont listen to this retard. Rooting unlocked so much for me.

  • Brian

    Rooting rids bloatware which slows down and drains phones. So if you pay all this money for these high end phones then its just not fair for carriers and company’s to weigh it down with bs apps that you don’t want nor need. So rooting is the only way to get what you pay for. duh huh ok.

  • Tr4nceManiac

    Warranty void? Nope. Triangle Away. Bricked your GS3? Won’t let you put the ROM back on it? Download Kies, emergency restore.. Presto! You now have the latest default Samsung Android software! 🙂 Just make sure to use Triangle Away BEFORE your screen goes out or you shatter your screen so that it is not longer viewable OR some hardware goes out and no more boot up for you.. 😉 EDIT: Oh yeah, ever hear of >>Anti-Virus<BEFORE< rooting and using those apps. The way I see it, if you are dumb enough to jump in without researching first, then you are worthy for the consequences that follow with an overheated, over taxed device.. 😉

    • Guest

      Oh yeah, ever hear of >>Anti-Virus<<? What about apps like SetCPU? Greenify? The list goes on.. Only way to have performance issues with those is to be a moron and not READ and RESEARCH BEFORE rooting and using those apps. The way I see it, if you are dumb enough to jump in without researching first, then you are worthy for the consequences that follow with an overheated, over taxed device.. 😉 [Edit link would not let me edit correctly]

    • Guest

      Oh yeah, ever hear of >>Anti-Virus<BEFORE< rooting and using those apps. The way I see it, if you are dumb enough to jump in without researching first, then you are worthy for the consequences that follow with an overheated, over taxed device.. 😉

  • lee

    just purchase t mobile samsung 4s Android version 4.2.2 I want to root it. Been reading and researching and I was about to use this simple method until I read the comments which refer to the s3. Should I wait a little longer for tech to cacth up with a better root for 4s?

    • Mirza Hamayon Baig

      Use this simple working method to root s4.

  • This is bullshit. every ‘fact’ here is made up along with the statistics, I would love to see where he got this information from, if that is even possible…

  • Bob Dobbs

    For a New York-based web site, the English grammar in this article is horrible. Hire a copy editor.

    • callmechaz

      “Website” has been the accepted form of the term for the last ten to 15 years. If you insist on using the archaic plural form, Web should be capitalized as in “Web site”. You might also consider placing the prepositional phrase at the end of your sentence for ease of reading (as I just did). BTW, do you know any good copy editors?

  • unknown

    I rooted my Samsung galaxy 3s and more than fine its awesome use kingo root forSamsung galaxy 3s