Today in market there are many precious mobile phones and there number is increasing day by day with the increasing revolution in technology. With the increase in features cell phones’ price also increase to hundreds of dollars. That’s why now its a trend to buy insurance for phones, So if your phone is being stolen, lost or malfunctioned then you can claim to fix the problems. Today we will tell our readers how to get t-mobile insurance for their cell phones. Below is the step by step guide regarding this tutorial.

insurance for phone by t-mobile - t-mobile insurance

First of all if you want to buy insurance plan for your phone first make sure that you have a t-mobile phone. Because you can only buy insurance from them if you have bought a cell phone and wireless plan from t-mobile. But still now there are two possible conditions for you to buy insurance from t-mobile.

  1. You already have a t-mobile cell phone
  2. You don’t have a t-mobile cell phone

Details About T-Mobile Insurance Policy

If you already have t-mobile insurance then you can buy insurance plan for it by calling the support at 1-877-453-1304. But note your phone must not be older then 14 days, if your phone is older then 14 days then you are not eligible to buy insurance plan for that.

But when you don’t have a t-mobile insurance plan then you can buy a phone and wireless plan from t-mobile here and can also add insurance bundle to your plan. There are four types of insurance plans for t-mobiles which are listed below.

  • Premium Handset Protection Bundle ( fee = $7.99. You can claim = Loss, theft, damage, Malfunction, Remotely Alarm and locate Phone, Remotely lock and wipe phone, Shipping for replacement )
  • Premium Handset Protection Insurance ( Fee = $ 4.79. You can claim = All mentioned above but not malfunction )
  • Premium Handset Protection Warranty ( Fee = $ 3.99 You can claim Malfunction only )
  • Mobile Security ( Fee = $ 3.99 You can ask for remote access, wipe, alarm and lock )

This is the short description how you can buy insurance for you t-mobile, if you want more details about the program you can check them here. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.