Amazon Prime is a premium service by Amazon. If you’re one of its users you will get free shipping on millions of Amazon products, you will also able to watch thousands of the movies, videos and TV shows in HD quality. Moreover prime users will get many other deals and offers over the time. So, its really recommended to have one account there. Still want to know why? Read the following 5 reasons to try Amazon Prime this holiday season.

1. Thousands of free movies and TV shows

Amazon Prime users will get access to 1000s of free movies and TV shows in High Definition format. They will also able to download the videos. Moreover Amazon Prime is also cheaper than top premium video services like NetFlix and Hulu Plus. Moreover users are able to stream videos on any type of devices like computers, smartphones and tablets.

Amazon Prime - stream 1000s of videos

2. Free and fast shipping

Prime users will also get free and fast shipping on millions of Amazon products. Your items will be shipped in days instead of weeks. So, if you often shops online then having an Amazon prime profile is a must thing. Join Amazon Prime For Free Shipping.

5 Reasons To Try Amazon Prime This Holiday Season

3. Borrow ebooks instead of buying

If you are a bookworm then you should consider Amazon Prime as it let its users borrow ebooks from Amazon rather than buying them. This way you will be able to save a lot of money. If you have bought more than 10 ebooks last years then you should go for Amazon prime to save extra charges.

4. Stream videos on any device

The major plus point of the Amazon Prime instant video is that it let you stream videos on any type of device like Kindle Fire, gaming consoles, smart TV, smartphones, computers and Tablets.

5. Free Trial Of 30 Days

If you want to try it first than you can also access to 30 days free trial of the premium service. In 30 days free trial users will get access to 1000s of videos, ebooks and two day free shipping on millions of products without any conditions and minimum order size.

Last words about Reasons to try Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime is really an awesome premium service that offer different high quality services in just $79 per year. In this price you will not only get access to instant videos you will also able to get free shipping on millions of products and you will also able to borrow unlimited ebooks rather than buying. I think Amazon is offering too much in this price, as if you had spent more than $100 on shipping last year, have bought ebooks valued $100 and have paid to Netflix for videos, then that’s many times more than Amazon Prime’s price. So, why not try it as its offering all the services mentioned above in the price of one service, Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies .