Galaxy S8 is by far the greatest smartphone of 2017. And the new infinite display is a stunner. While there’s no limitations to what you can’t do with the galaxy S8, the battery may just be the only limitation. Minimal use may last you a day or two but since no matter how large the battery, the battery timing would never be perfect and if you use you smartphone for multiple purposes here are a few tips which can help improve the battery life and the battery timing. Just so you have the juice when you need it.

Switch off Mobile Data when not in use

Mobile data drains battery a lot more than you think, nearly twice as much as Wifi does so next time you’re using Mobile data, switch it off as soon as you’re done with surfing or whatever you were doing. Extensive use may shorten the battery time. Doing this will help restore the battery timing.

Turn off “Always on” display & choose lower brightness

The higher the brightness, the quicker the battery drains. This is because your phone is using extra energy to provide a brightened display. If you’re indoors, choose brightness level that is suitable for the eyes. Too much brightness would just lower the battery timing.

Another trick you can use to prolong battery timing is by turning off the “Always on” display. This is no huge science, if the screen is always on, it’s obviously consuming unnecessary battery. So instead of that. Turn it off and save the unnecessary battery usage. This would be helpful in the long run.

Turn on Power Saving mode

If you’re on low battery and the charger is nowhere nearby, don’t worry, you can always resort to the power saving mode. This allows you to use only the high priority apps. You can either select between different presets offered by power saving mode or customize to your needs. Either way, your phone will pull out the best time for the remaining battery.

Optimize your phone

Samsung has incorporated a maintenance app on the new Galaxy S8, frequently optimizing your device will close unwanted apps and clear cache as well as RAM allowing you a smoother running and an altogether better battery timing.

Don’t let your phone die

Constantly using your device on low battery or letting it die can wither the battery timing and may affect battery life in the long run. While this may not be an issue initially but if you plan on keeping your device for a longer period than the best advice would be to plug in charger as soon as your device hits low battery. This will help rejuvenate the battery timing for a healthy & smoother batter life in the long run.