In the recent time LG is going perfect in the smartphone market by introducing some special premium smartphones. The most latest flagship phone from LG is LG G2, remember there is another top class phone in the market right now that’s also made by LG. Yes! that’s Google nexus 5. Recently we have talked about LG Nexus 5 issues and their fixes and today we will tell you how to fix 2 common LG G2 issues that are GPS and Knonk On issues.

1. When GPS in not connecting on your LG G2

Not all but some of LG G2 users are reporting that, their GPS takes much time to get an update and some times it won’t even connect with the network. Some people are also reporting that their GPS is giving wrong information but at the moment their is no particular reason for the problem but try following workarounds to get a fix on your phone.

  • The most first thing you need to do is to have check whether your location services are on or off. To do that go into the settings > location access > access to my location > turn in on. Wait a moment and try again using your location application.
  • Installing any application via Play Store that allow you show the satellites in view and also allow you to reset A-GPS data for improvements.
  • If the GPS is creating creating issues again and again then contact your carrier for a replacement.

2. Knock On is not working

LG G2 also have some cool features like Knock On, it lets users double tap on the screen to turn it on or off. Its much more fun than pressing a button but many LG G2 users are reporting that Knock On feature is not working on their side. First of all you need to confirm that you are doing it in a right way. The right way to use this feature is, double tap on the middle to awake the phone and tap on the blank space when its on to set it back to sleep mode. If it still don’t work then try following workarounds.

  • Make sure feature is turned on, go to settings > general > gestures > knock on to turn it on or off.
  • Make sure proximity sensor is not covered, also try to find a sweet spot on your phone by trying on different parts of the screen.
  • Try motion sensor calibration, this might improve the problem, to do that go to the settings, general > gestures > motion sensor calibration.

This is all about 2 main issues related with LG G2. We hope these workarounds will help you to fix the issues related with your phone. Please tell us about any other issues that you’re facing with your LG G2, we will try to find a solution for that.