Some days before Samsung have launched its most awaited smartphone, that is Galaxy S4. Which is the latest smartphone in Samsung’s popular Galaxy s series. Recently we have posted about Samsung Galaxy s4 specifications and features. But Today we are going to talk about some top Galaxy s4 features. Galaxy s4’s predecessor galaxy s3 was built with Android Ice cream sandwich, this time Galaxy S4 comes with Android Jelly bean. We can also see the addition of some best features in latest Samsung phone, below is listed best among them.

Top 10 Best New Samsung Galaxy S4 Features

Galaxy S4 Features

1.Best Camera With Best Effects:

This time Galaxy S phone comes with more enhanced camera. Its a 13 Mega pixels Camera, but the main thing is “effects and modes in camera app”. One of my favorite mode is “Eraser” which let you remove unwanted people from the shot while taking it. Another best in Galaxy s4 features is “dual – shot “, that let you use both “front and back” camera at same time.

The main thing in this feature is that you can not only take photo with both cameras at a time but you can also take a video clip with both cameras. Other best Galaxy s4 feature is Drama shot.

2.S Translator:

S translator is another best feature of Galaxy S4, this is an app which translator given data into different 9 languages. This application is also embedded into Chat On, Messaging and email. The available languages are, Chinese, English US, English British, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.

You can copy/paste or can write anything in S translator app to translate anything. But while using chat on, Messaging or while reading emails, you can translate data right from the app.

3.Optical Reader:

Optical reader converts analog information into digital, for example you can scan visiting and business cards with this app. Optical reader can also scan QR codes. This app can help you to get rid of usual business cards, because you can save all of the information on them in your Galaxy s4.

4.3 way video calls:

3 way video calls is the main function of the Samsung’s own VOIP application. Which is named as ChatOn, you can also share screen with this Apps. Other interesting feature of ChatOn is that Dual camera mode could also be enjoyed in Video calls.

5.S Health:

S Health is a special application in Galaxy s4, S health tracks your all of the activities ( Physical ) all the time and then it tells you have much you have walked, run and climbed,  how much calories you have consumed. It also monitors glucose value in your blood. What do you think is this app can save your health while having big phone in your hands or pocket?

6.S View Cover:

Another best specification of the Galaxy S4, S view cover is the special cover for Samsung Galaxy s4 with a small “screen”  in it. Through this small screen one can see “time, date, battery status and can all attend incoming calls.

7.Air View In Galaxy S4 Features:

This galaxy s4 feature is similar to pop up feature of the Galaxy s3’s video player. But now new feature which is called Air is more enhanced, Air view let you get basic detail of anything just by hovering over that stuff. For example if you hover over any video is the “videos” then a pop up window will open which plays the starting portion of that video, after that pop will be closed.

8.Air gesture and Watch On:

Air Gesture is a similar feature like smart stay in Galaxy s3, this features works on the indications of your hand. You can accept any incoming call by just waving at your phone. But don’t you consider this feature can accept many unwanted calls, when you are waiving hand to any of your friend?

WatchOn is another best feature which makes your phone like a remote, by this app you can use your phone for controlling any digital TV in your home or elsewhere.

9.Smart Pause:

Smart Pause is another useful feature Of Galaxy s4, this feature pause videos when you move your eye away from the phone screen.

10.Humidity and Temperature sensors:

These sensors let you know what’s in your surrounding environment, this feature could be useful to keep you safe from bad weather.

Know the best about Galaxy S4 Features: Top 10 Best Among All Of Them :

This was the list of top 10 best Samsung Galaxy s4 features. This time Samsung have added some more useful features, like smart pause and S translator. But do you think these features are enough to compete with next Apple phone? We have also compared android and iOS here. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.