Today Samsung had released another most awaited smartphone with Android Operating System. Yes! you got the right point, today Samsung had released Galaxy s4. Galaxy s4 is the fourth Android smartphone in the Galaxy s series by Samsung. Today we are here to discuss Galaxy s4 specifications, like all of the Samsung Galaxy Phones, We will get some more interesting features among Galaxy s4 specifications. At the end of this article, we also have added a Photo Gallery of Galaxy S4, don’t forget to see that. So, we should start now.


Unlike Internal and external memory options, we will get more enhanced camera in Galaxy s4. Now the back camera is 13 mega pixels in Galaxy s4 specifications. In Galaxy s3 back camera is 8 mega pixels.

The front camera is also enhanced in Galaxy s4, now the front camera is 2 Mega pixels but that is 1.9 mega pixels in galaxy s3. Now the camera is auto focus and it recording resolution is also same as in Galaxy s3, that 1080p. In camera Samsung have added some more “modes”, some among which are really interesting, for example one is called “Eraser” and it let you remove unwanted people from the shot.

Galaxy s4 back Camera - Galaxy s4 specifications

Galaxy s4 back Camera

Processor And Ram In Galaxy s4 specifications:

First we have to remember the RAM and Processor of Galaxy s3 for better comparison. We know that in Galaxy s3 processor is Quad core 1.4 GHz , Cortex A9 and the RAM in Samsung Galaxy S3 is 1 GB.

But now everything available in Galaxy s4 specifications is more then best. Now you will get more fast processor in Galaxy s4, that is 1.9 GHz Quad-core  Snapdragon processor. RAM in Galaxy s4 specifications is doubled now, that is 2 GB.

Internal and External Memory:

This specification among Galaxy s4 specifications is same as in Galaxy s3. In Galaxy s3 is available in three internal memory options that are 16/32 and 64 GB. Same here is in Galaxy s4, it is also available in these three internal memory options.

External memory can also be attached through memory card slot . But the external memory limit is same as Galaxy s3 that is 64 GB. So in Memory nothing is changed expect RAM that’s discussed above.

Most Important Android Version:

Most important thing to discuss here is the Android version of the Galaxy s4. One year back, when Samsung released its Galaxy s3, that time Android Ice Cream Sandwich was integrated in Galaxy s3. But just after the couple of month Google announced Jelly Bean in its Nexus phone. Same here is in Samsung Galaxy s4 specifications.

Now Google is going to release the new version of the Android operating system, that is named “Key lime Pie”. But Samsung didn’t waited for that and now its had released Galaxy s4 with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. So, we hope Key Lime Pie will be added in Samsung Galaxy s5 😉 .


New Galaxy s4 is have 5 inch diagonal display, but the width is same as Galaxy s3. It is .7mm thinner then Galaxy s3, that becomes about 7.9mm in thickness. Screen resolution is 1080p and its super AMOLED. One thing really important the home button of the Galaxy s4 is same as in Galaxy s3.

Galaxy S4 home screen

Galaxy S4 home screen

Both front and back panel of Galaxy s3 are removable but both are made up of plastic. That’s not embarrassing, because its Good quality, smoother plastic as in Galaxy s3. Well there is a new addition in the display of the Samsung Galaxy phones, now company have added a “metallic bar” that cover the whole outer edge, like in some Xperia smartphones from Sony.

galaxy s4 mettalic bar

galaxy s4 metallic bar

New Apps and Features:

In Galaxy s4 Samsung have added many new features and new apps. For example now Samsung have added Air view. Air view is the new feature to Galaxy s phones, this feature let you to get a basic detailed view of something in a Pop up view. For example if your are in video gallery and then you just have to hover over any file to get an extended view of it in Pop. In pop Air view only shows the starting portion of any file opened with it.

Samsung Galaxy s4 new apps

Samsung Galaxy s4 new apps

It feature could be best used while reading emails. Because we don’t want to read some emails as whole but wants to look what’s in it. For seeing the few starting line of any email you just have to hover over any email, then Air view will show the starting lines in Pop view while keeping you in the inbox.

Another good feature is also added in Galaxy s4, that is Air gesture. Air gesture is same like “smart stay” in Galaxy s3 but now its more enhanced.

New apps which are added in Samsung Galaxy s4 are S translator, Optical reader, Chat on and S health. All these apps are just fantastic. S translator let you translate anything into 9 different languages which include Chinese too. Optical reader convert anything analog into digital, I mean it can be used to scan cards. S health tracks your activity all the time, for example how much time you have walked today.

Battery and Color:

Battery in Samsung Galaxy s4 is 2600mAH, and Samsung Galaxy s4 is available in two colors. That are white frost and black mist.

Galaxy s4 Color Collection

Galaxy s4 Color Collection


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Know the about Galaxy s4 specifications:

So, these are the Galaxy s4 specifications. In New smartphone Korean company have added many new feature. Not the software is more rich in features but the hardware, design, camera and everything is more enhanced. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more. Just sign up for our newsletter for more quick updates like this one.

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