Unlike some other tops social networking websites Facebook changes itself regularly. Someone can also say that Facebook also change itself without any reason, because some of its changes had been criticized by its users. This time Facebook have added some more new features in its system just at the start of 2013. If we summarize all of these changes then we come to know that Facebook changed three times in early 2013. Once it added “Sound notification”, then after that Facebook added Graph search and now Facebook is adding new news feed for the Facebook users. Lets discuss what are these changes and what users think about these new changes in Facebook.

1: Facebook Changed – Sound Notifications:

This is the first change which Facebook have made this year. Before this update notifications was silent but now notifications comes with sound. Now whenever any notification comes in “your profile’s notifications” Facebook rings up for you like the message sound.

This Facebook feature is criticized by many of the Facebook users, they say that it produce very annoying sound which disturb them while working on other tabs. But there is no need to worry about this thing because these notifications can be turned off. Below is the way to turn on or off Facebook sound notifications.

Turn Facebook Notification Sound On Or Off In Simple


2: Graph Search:

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search

One of the best Facebook features, we had covered it specially on its releasing date. After that we also told how to get graph search fast.

Note: Graph search is still unavailable to some Facebook users, if you have not got it yet then here is a way to get it as early as possible.

Graph search is really appreciate by the Facebook users, because this is the complete new way to search about the things on Facebook. Now you can search about your friends, people nearby with more taste. You can get full detailed review of Facebook graph search below.

Finally Graph Search Is Available To

Facebook Users – Introduction

3: New News Feed:

Now the most latest change in Facebook is the addition of new news feed design. Now Facebook have added complete new news feed, which is compatible with all of the devices, like smartphones, tablets and PCs etc.

Facebook news feed

Facebook news feed

In 2012 when Facebook completely changed the timeline style then some people criticized it, but in the end it turn into good step. Same here is with new news feed. People started blaming Facebook for its unneeded changes, but according to us new news feed is really a good addition. You can get more info about new news feed here and at that page you can also join the waiting list for it.

Know the best about Facebook Changes Three times:

So, these are three Changes which Facebook have made in this start of this year. We think Facebook will also add more features during this year. Facebook changed three times now in early 2013, we hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.