As we have discussed in our recent post that Facebook is the strong competitor of the Google and we also had predict in our that post that Facebook will really disturb Google in the coming days. Our prediction seems real quickly as Facebook have launched new feature in its big social network. Facebook New Search Feature is named Graph search by the Facebook, details are below about this new feature of the Facebook.

Facebook's New Search Feature - Graph Search

Facebook’s New Search Feature – Graph Search – Facebook Owner Announcing Changes Today

What is Graph Search:

What is this Graph Search and why it is made by the Facebook now, First we will discuss what is this Graph Search. This Graph search is the new search plan of the Facebook users to know more about their friends and subscribers on Facebook. In This new search bar you can’t search for the keyword ( if you did you will get usual results ), but to use this search feature for good you have to enter phrases like ” My Friends Who like Coming More Fan Page” after hitting enter you will get your friends who liked that page. You can also type for picture like “My picture before 2012” to get the list of pictures uploaded before that time.

Now you will talk what is the benefit of this search feature to Facebook and to users, We think this Facebook feature will help users to find any content on the Facebook from billions of  Pictures and  Videos So easily. On the other hand Facebook will get great advertisement benefits from this feature to make more $$$ 😉 .

When The Changes Will be Live:

The Facebook new search feature changes will be live on the Facebook in about 24 hours and after and that too will be provided to some US Facebook users and later on the changes will be spread to all over the world Facebook. So, this is something new from Facebook News, Today we are the first to give you this latest news for getting more technology news in time sign up for our News letter or stay in touch with us because there is coming more.