Have you seen the first computer on the planet ? If you have seen the first computer in the “books” or in the “Museum”, then you better realize its size, its usage and its compatibility. In the late 90s computers was not too fast, good and little as they are now in the market. In the recent years computer industries have made a lot of  developments, you can find computer with any size and with rocket like speeds.

Today there are many types of computers in the market such as  Netbooks, Notebooks and Laptops and I think there is coming more in the types of computers. Today we will discuss difference between these all types of computers and will take a detailed comparison of these types of computers, Below is the Netbooks VS Notebooks VS Laptops – the Ultimate Comparison.

Netbooks VS Notebooks VS Laptops - The Ultimate Comparison

Netbooks VS Notebooks VS Laptops – The Ultimate Comparison

Look, Design And size:

The main thing is look of the gadgets because first of all people consider this thing before buying anything, especially while buying a car and a computer. If the look and design and of the thing is attractive then more will buy this one. Now come to the look, design and size of the netbooks, notebooks and laptops.

Netbooks are usually light weight computers, with less sized screens, usually ranges from 7-12 inches screen. When come to notebooks and laptops for discussing size and look, then we will realize that these are reasonably more sized then netbooks, usually ranged from 11-17 inches screen.


Performance is the most considered feature before buying some computer, mostly people keep their type of work in their mind to get the best system to manage their work. If you have some light work to do on computer then netbook is for you, but if you have to do some average work to do like photo editing or video editing then notebooks are for you but if you want get true alternative for your home PC then you better go for the laptops.

Netbooks usually contains 1-2 GB of RAM but on the other hand Notebooks and Laptops have 2-4 GB of RAM. When you come to the processors then we realize that, Netbooks have normal processor which are enough for light works like they have AMD Fusion or Intel Atom like processors which do not eat much battery. But unlikely Notebooks and Laptops have Quad Core processors like i5 or i7. Any types of Hard drives can be installed in all the types of these computers with your own desired drive size.

CD/ DVD Drives:

This is also another great thing we should keep in mind before buying best computer for work. If you do not use use CD and DVDs usually then netbook can help you because there price is low, otherwise if you want a built in CD and DVD ROM then better go for notebooks and Laptops. Because these Netbooks do not contain optical drives but you can found this thing in notebooks and Laptops.

Weight and Battery Life:

Every one wants to keep the lighter thing while moving ( I think they do not want to exercise by keeping heavy things always with them =D ) . If you want lightest computers then netbooks are the lighter weight computers, notebooks are average weight and Laptops again have little bit more weight then netbooks and notebooks.

Netbooks usually weigh up to 3-4 pounds, notebooks usually weigh up to 4-5 pounds and laptops weigh between 4-10 pounds ( Its huge 😉 ). Now come to the battery life of all these computer types, the netbooks usually keep themselves live for about 8-12 hours and notebooks and laptops usually support for about 4-6 hours “averagely.


This is the most important thing for every buyers because every one wants to use less money but want to get the best. If you are a student, or a teacher, a office worker, a internet user or from other users types who usually do light work on the computer then better go for netbooks.

Because on netbooks you can get all of the essential features for you with low price as these netbooks ranges from only $ 270 to $ 500. But if you are a programmer or a editor then notebooks and laptops are better for you but they are costly, there price ranges between $ 500 – $ 1200 ( Sounds Good =D ).

Know Best For You:

As We said earlier that if you have a light work to do on your computer then you should buy netbooks because these are affordable but if you have some professional like work to do then better go for Laptops and notebooks because you can get all the features in them with best compatibility options.

So, this is the Netbooks VS Notebooks VS Laptops – The Ultimate Comparison, we hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more, but keep in mind your comments will be highly appreciated.