It is more likely to receive criticism for the tablets like Samsung Galaxy tab 3 but fortunately when Samsung have released its galaxy tab 3 some days ago its receive many good welcome words. This may be because of its some interesting and useful features as affordable price. The main thing behind the appreciation of galaxy tab 3 is its average price. Samsung have not announced yet any specific price for the tablet but some experts on websites like tech crunch have predicted that it will be easy to buy for everyone. They have give their predictions on the basis of tab 3 features which will discuss here today.

samsung galaxy tab 3 features

Samsung galaxy tab 3

1. Latest Android OS

Samsung galaxy tab 3 loaded with latest android version, I mean Jelly bean. Android upcoming version is coming in couple of months ( and most awaited Google glass will come next year ) and galaxy tab 3 may also be upgradeable to that latest android version. But this will be cleared when android’s next version will come in the market.

2. Screen Resolution

From screen point of view its not look like tablet because 5 inch screen phones can be seen regularly. The screen size of galaxy tab 3 is 7 inch and the screen resolution is 1027 x 600 pixels which is also lower then expected but as this phone will be affordable that’s why screen resolution is not too bad. Moreover screen can also play full HD videos easily.

3. WiFi and 3G versions

This time Samsung have done something different by adding mobile networking in to a tablet. Galaxy tab 3 will be available in two networking options one will be 3G and other will be WiFi tab 3. The weight of WiFi version is 302g and 3G version will of 306g.

4. Camera And Storage

As networking there are also 2 storage options for the Galaxy tab 3, it will be available in 8 and 16 GB storage options. External SD card slot is also available which supports up to 64 GB. Back camera is of 3 Mega pixels which also lower then today’s standards but it will be fine. Front camera is of 1.3 pixels.

5. Processor for Galaxy tab 3

Samsung galaxy tab 3 will come with 1.2 GHz dual core processor. Which will be good to running apps and games. But today’s smartphones and tablets are coming with latest quad core processors but dual core will also do the job for simple tasks.

6. USB port

Tab 3 will also came with USB port the feature for which people prefer android tablets to iPads. So, you will be able to plug in external devices with tab 3.

Know the best about Galaxy Tab 3 hidden features:

So, Galaxy tab 3 will be available in May with WiFi, but in June the 3G version will be available. All these features are average features for a tablet these days but it is assumed that tab 3 will be available in fair price according to which these features will be enough. Lets see what will happen when Galaxy tab 3 will be released. Hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.