Recently Facebook have introduced its latest feature called “Graph search”, this is the another best feature from the Facebook team. This feature let you know something more about your Friends and other Facebook users very easily. Using this feature is very easy if you want to know about “other Facebook users from Your City” then you just have to write “People living in My City” in the graph search to the answer ( its awesome 😉 ). But How to get or try Facebook graph search feature of Facebook living out of US, because now this this feature is only available in some US areas.

But there is another way to try this feature of Facebook, and today in this article we are going to tell you how to get or Try Facebook Graph search Feature. Below is the complete step by step guide regarding this matter.

How To Get Or Try Facebook Graph Search Feature:

Only thing you have to do is to click here, and then just scroll down that page. After scrolling down click on the “Join Waiting list” button as shown in the picture below.

How To Get Or Try Facebook Graph Search Feature

Join Graph search waiting list


Graph Search Confirmation

Graph Search Confirmation

After clicking on the “Join Waiting list “you will get a confirmation message” as shown in the picture. After some days ( 3-4 days ) you will get a notification on your Facebook home, that “now you can enjoy graph search”. This is all to get the Facebook graph search quickly.

Now If you just want to try Facebook Graph search then click here, and scroll down a little and then click on “try a search”.

People Who Live In My City

People Who Live In My City

After clicking on Try Graph search you will see an example of Graph search feature of Facebook, they have shown me “People who live in my City” what did you get from them 😉 ?

So, this is the way how to get or try Facebook Graph search feature which is not available to all of the Facebook users this time. but you can try this feature or can join join waiting list to get that quickly. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with because there is coming more.