China one of the most prominent Asian Country in the world, since its independence it has developed a lot in every field of life to compete with the rest of world. Today if we look at the list of countries arranges by gross domestic product ( GDP ) growth rate then China appears at second position right after United States Of America ( In this way China looks like a highly developed country ). But In reality its not true because if we see the growth of China with some other scales then China stills looks a developing country on the map. In this article we have some reasons why China is Still A developing country? We will discuss the different sides of Chinese economy to prove why China is Still A developing country.

Reasons why China is still a developing country

Reasons why China is still a developing country


1: Its Public Is Not Wealthier As Developed Countries:

This thing really matters a lot because type of government in China is still Communist, In which government is everything. This is the type of government in which public have to love under the orders of Government, only due to this system of government Chinese people have are getting very less salaries, but they are enjoying a lot facilities from the Government. So, now the point is that Chinese government is not providing a lot of money to its public but on the other hand it is providing a lot of facilities to its public, but facilities like, hospitality and free schooling does not make people wealthier. When Chinese people will be wealthier as compared with the developed countries like US and Japan then it will be called A developed nation, because today’s Chinese people do not have high living standards like developed nations.

2: Science and Technology – Why China is Still A developing Country:

This is another important thing which need to be discussed here in reasons why China is still a developing nation, China does not have that level of experience in Science and Technology which other developed nations like Japan have. Although China is an Atomic power in the world, but Science and technology levels needs to be improved there if they want to be called a developed nation. In China there a many industries which a making international quality products with latest technology but these industries are established by foreign investors to a large extent. China have progressed a lot in a very short interval of time and it is still improving, So it will be a developed nation soon.

3: GDP per Capita and natural resources Consumption:

This is another important reason to be discussed here in this list of reasons why China is still a developing country. By usual GDP growth China is the world 2nd largest economy after USA but when we take a look on the list of countries by GDP per capita then China comes at 90th Position, So how a County at 90th position could be a developed one 😉 . In natural resources consumption also China is far away from other developed nations, like in fresh water consumption China is using only 1/3 of World’s average.

4: Huge Poverty According to UN Standards:

If we look at the Chinese public with UN scales for measuring poverty then we will realize that about 150 million ( Equal to Russian Population ) of Chinese people are living in poverty. This is a huge difference between developed nations and China. So China will take some more time to be in the list of developed nations. This is also very important reason why China is still a developing country. About 30 percent Chinese are earning only 1 dollar a day, which is very less as compared to developed nations.

5: It is World’s Most Populous Country:

China is the world’s most populous country, Here I want to clear one thing in this reason why China is still a developing country. That is to be a world’s populous country Is not a problem but to be a populous country for a lower middle income country is a big problem. If China have floods in its one part then the whole country ( 1.3 billion people 😉 ) will be affected by this disaster. To be a developed nation China also have to control over it population to be in the list of developed countries.

Know the best:

So, this is the list of reasons why China is still a developing country,  this list have some reasons which describes that why China is still a developing country, China have a lot of things which to be improved there to become a developed nations, such as living standards there, improve in Science and technology, controlling its population and other important things to be considered. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.