China is the most rapidly growing country in the world now, almost every other country of the world want better relationship with China. Better relations with China also mean “trade with China” because its worth a lot to import Chinese products. Chinese products are not only affordable but they are also quality products but main reason why people in whole world buy Chinese product is their affordable prices.China also produce almost all types of the products from “wheat, vegetables, fruits ( Agriculture sector ) to phones, computer and cars ( Industrial products )”. Variety of the products is another big reason why whole world import from China. US Imports consists largely on Chinese products, many of the US companies ( like apple ) have also moved to China because of cheap labor their.

About 18% of overall US imports consists of Chinese products. In 2001 US imports from China was about $ 102.3 billion and now this value is climbed to $ 417.3 billion. All these statistics shows that how important are Chinese products for US. Today we are going to list top 10 Made In China labeled US imports, list starts now.

1. Electronic Equipment

US imports electronic equipments worth $ 102 billion from China. These Electronic equipment generally consist of computer mother boards, power generators, inverters, connectors, integrated circuits, capacitors, convertors and some other electronics equipments.

Integrated Board in US imports

Made In China Integrated Board

2. Ready Electronics, Toys and Games

These products’ trade with China by US consists of $24 billion. Chinese electronic are very popular all over the world because of their affordable prices. But Chinese companies like Lenovo also manufacture quality products. US usually import computers, phones, toys, games, televisions and other Chinese electronics.

Laptops Collection From HASEE - Computer Manufacturer From China

HASEE Laptops

3. Machines, Engines and Pumps

US imports machines, engines and pumps worth $ 98 billion from China. These machines, pumps and engines includes mostly electronic machines, small engines and pumps.

Chinese Motor Pump

Chinese Motor Pump

4. Furniture and Lighting

Furniture and lighting trade consists of $ 22.7 billion. These two things include luxury and affordable furniture and decorative lights, lights usually used at Christmas are imported from China.

Made in China Lighs

Chinese Decorative Lights

5. Footwear

US imports including footwear consists of $ 17.5 billion. These footwear include long heel ladies fashion shoes, usual children home shoes, rubber shoes, Long boots and sports shoes.

Chinese Made Shoes

Chinese Made Shoes

6. Knit Clothing

Knit clothing is another main US import from China, which consists of $ 15.6 billion. Knit clothing imported from China includes, sweaters, socks, bags and gloves.

China Made Knit Clothes

China Made Knit Clothes

7. Other Clothing – US Imports

US also imports other clothes like Jeans, Shirts, pants and jackets. The trade volume of these products is $15.5 billion.

Chinese Made Clothes

Chinese Made Clothes

8. Plastics

Plastics US imports from China are raised to $ 11.13 billion. US imports normal plastic sheets and recycled plastic as raw material and then use in its own products.

Plastic Bottles in China for recycle

Plastic Bottles in China for recycle

9. Iron and Steel Products

Iron and steel products imported from China usually include construction material and its trade volume is $ 9.4 billion.

A view of Chinese Steel Mill - US imports

A view of Chinese Steel Mill

10. Vehicles

US imports vehicles of $ 8.7 billion from China. Usually these are electric cars and low priced gas and petrol cars and mini wagons.

Chinese Electric Latest Car

Chinese Electric Latest Car

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So, these are top Chinese products which US imports. All these are popular Chinese products which are used in the whole world. US imports both ready made products and raw material from China. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.