There are very few companies that think of the women when making their new collection of laptop bags. Otherwise traditional notebook or laptop bags are built-in a very simple and non-girlish design and its.So, its little difficult to find exclusive laptop bags for women as many companies don’t think about the addition of some further qualities by categorizing the laptop bags, such as laptop bags for ladies, laptop bags for graphic designers, laptop bags for students, laptop bags for business women and other similar types could be considered for sorting out the best collections. Today we will share a great collection of cute, beautiful, colourful, decent and unique laptop bags for girls, both with and without shoulder straps.

1. iSkin Taylor Tote

The most first one in the list is by one of the leading bag manufacturers in the market. Taylor Tote is not just a colourful bag but it’s also one of the trendy laptop bags for women. This shiny laptop bag is made of Italian nylon and its available in 3 beautiful colours. Its multiple compartments include pockets for 15-Inch laptop or Macbook, a pocket for your tablet and another for your smartphone. This stylish laptop bag gives youngish look and girls will surely love this one. Taylor tote is available here in all colour options.

taylor tote cute laptop bags

2. Ogio Hamptons Tote

Here is another girlish laptop bag in the list. Specially college and university students will find this one really beautiful and they will love to get this for the college parties and hangouts. This is also for those who are looking for some twist in the pink laptop bags. There is a dedicated place for the iPad or tablets on the front, there’s also a space to place cards, pens and keys in the laptop bag. Inside there is a room to put in a 15″ laptop or notebook, there is also a zippered pocket to place valuable things in it. This sleek and graceful laptop bag for women also have shoulder strap that is removable. To buy this one of the cute laptop bags visit this page.

laptop bags for women with shoulder strap

3. Targus ultralife thin canvas slipcase

This is one of the decent laptop bags and also one of the best career bags. Its cool and decent design makes it most popular laptop bag for business women. Despite of its decent look it also gives you all of the features that every other good laptop bag is providing. There is a place for 14″ ultrabook and bag also have a place to store your keys, cards, newspapers and other necessary stuff. If you want a decent laptop bag with shoulder strap than this is the best one, you can get it here.

Targus UltraLife Thin Canvas Case

4. Urban Junket JB Battery powered laptop bag

Do you want a battery-powered laptop bag in this list of laptop bags for women? Yes! here is a battery-powered tote in this collection of ladies laptop bags. This shiny and sparkling laptop bag comes with a rechargeable portable power pack that fits in the pocket of the bag. Rechargeable power pack let you charge your smartphones, iPod, iPad, tablets and small gadgets on the go. This is also one of the fashionable laptop bags that comes in 10 different beautiful colours. Bag can hold 17″ laptop along-with all of your gadgets, you can get this awesome laptop bag here.

Urban Junket JB Battery Powered Laptop Tote

5. Designer sleeves laptop bag

So, here is one of the first designer laptop bags for women in this collection.  If you are a graphic designer girl and you want a laptop bag with shoulder strap or without shoulder strap than this one could be your best choice 🙂 as its shoulder strap is removable. The full colour graphics will never fade or peel off and the bag is also washable. There is a place for 15″ laptop or notebook, and there is also another zippered pocket to securely place your keys, cards and documents. Designer women can get this laptop bag from here.

designer laptop bag for women

6. Pink Sparse Tranquillity laptop bags for women

One of the best and cute 15 Inch laptop bag for the student girls and also for the designers. There are different pockets in this laptop bag for the girls to place your notebook/laptop, tablet, smartphone, some newspapers, pens and pencils and other necessary stuff. Stylish velcro shoulder strap is attached with the bag for easy handling, strap is also adjustable and removable. This laptop messenger bag for the women will surely returns a big benefit for the price you will pay for it 😉 its available here.

pink laptop bags for women


7. LeSportSac Laptop computer bag

If you want the soft skin for your laptop to maximize the safety level for your laptop or notebook than this high quality stylish laptop bag could be your first choice. Its made of 100% high quality nylon that gives a beautiful shiny effect to it. Its decent design can also make it a best choice for the business women, its got two pockets, one zippered to fit your gadget in it and other for the necessary things like documents, pens, keys and cards. Shoulder strap of the laptop bag is removable and there is also a handle to hold it in your hand. To buy this one of the laptop bags with cool designs click here.

travelling laptop bags

8. Contour balance notebook roller bag

If you are looking for rolling laptop bags for women or for the laptop bags with wheels than this one is high quality rolling bag for your notebook or laptop. There is room to fix your laptop safely in the bag and there is also an extra room to place your extra stuff like smartphones, tablets, pens, keys and cards. Its AirBrake bottom cushion technology give extra protection to the laptop. You can also save money on this product as there is 31% discount on it, available here.

laptop bags good for your back

9. Graceship women’s London laptop bag

If you want a premium tote for your note or laptop or you want to gift someone than this sleek laptop bag is good for you. It securely caries your gadget in the cushioned compartment and sleek magnetic snap closure keeps your gadget safe on the go. There are different compartments to hold the charger, smartphone, keys, cards and other stuff. It’s all made of scratch free material so there will be no worries when your laptop will be in this graceship laptop bag, you can grab it right here.

GRACESHIP Women London Medium Handbag

10. McKlein USA W series Winnetka leather women’s laptop case

Here is another laptop bag from another premium brand but this time its a leather bag. Its made of 100% Italian leather and have large compartment of 16″ to hold your regular size laptop in it. Plus there are other small compartments too in it to hold extra stuff. Long tubular straps of the stylish bag make its easier to carry over shoulder. Grab it now here, there is also 37% discount on the product 🙂 .

McKlein USA W Series Winnetka Leather Women bag

Last words

So, this is our big collection of the laptop bags for women available in the market. While shopping laptop bag you must consider our list as we have included all kinds of laptops from shoulder bags, rolling bags, messenger laptop bags and leather bags. All of the products are available in different girlish colours like pink, orange, parrot green, red and sky blue. List also include graceship laptop bags from premium brands on discounted prices. We hope you will like our list of laptop case and bags of different shapes, sizes (ranging from 14 – 17 inch laptop bags)and designs but stay in touch with us for more buying guides.