iPhone 3GS screen replacement is not useful anymore. Your opinion could be different but according to my opinion one should not replace his iPhone 3GS screen if the phone was bought in 2009. There are tons of guides and tutorials online on how to replace iPhone 3GS screen which can help iPhone users to replace the iPhone screen safely. All guides are useful if you want to learn iPhone 3GS screen repairing or assembling but its screen replacement is not useful if you want to use that Phone again. Below are the some reasons explaining all this scenario, hope you will like them.

iPhone 3GS screen replacement

1. None want iPhone 3GS now

Today in this world of fast and wonderful smartphones like Galaxy s4, Windows Phone, iPhone 5 and even iPhone 5C none want to use iPhone 3GS. Everyone want latest phones that’s why take a step ahead and buy a brand new gadget to enjoy the new and amazing features of the smartphones.

2. It will cost you enough

Second thing is that iPhone 3GS screen replacement will cost you enough. Good quality screen replacement kit for iPhone 3GS costs $100. But you can buy a second hand iPhone 4s in condition only for $200 or even less. You can also buy a brand new fast android Jelly bean phone for only $150 or even less. That’s why its totally useless to replace iPhone 3GS screen.

3. Old is not always gold

Your old iPhone 3GS can also get some other faults too like battery expands or explodes. Because old machinery always produce many problems with time to time. That’s why you should now leave your old iPhone and should go for a better option.

4. There are many other offers available online

Expect replacing your iPhone 3gs screen you should go for new phone. iPhone 3GS screen fix cost $150 on average but you can buy an amazing brand new smartphone at that price. Just click here to browse some most affordable smartphones.

So, these are the reasons telling you why iPhone 3GS screen replacement is not useful anymore. We hope you will like the stuff but don’t miss out these features of iOS 7.