At last the most awaited iOS 7 or iPhone operating system 7 is now officially released. There are some iOS 7 features which may look new or different to current iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users because this time apple have made some interesting changes in its smartphone operating system. The new iOS 7 is more colourful, more stylish and more featured. iOS 7 have been released officially but at this time its only available for the developers but there are some places to download iOS 7 beta which we will discuss about it latter. But now we are going to list iOS 7 features which every apple user need to know.

1. Fresh and modern design

Now the design of the iPhone operating system is completely changed. In iOS 7 app icon’s size is increased which looks great and on the other hand fonts are also more cleared and bigger. Icons design is same but now its more cleared, bigger and stylish. Design and sliders in iOS 7 are more flat now like most of android devices.

new icons desing in iOS 7 -  iOS features

2. App store

App store design is also changed and some useful features are also have been added in the new app store. Now app store in iOS 7 can auto update the installed apps. So you don’t have to fight with annoying “update” notifications any more.

3. Go back feature is there now ( Not a button )

iOS seven users will be enjoying another new feature which will be useful while surfing internet, checking emails and while using other apps with multi tabs. Some websites are calling it a “go back button” but its not. It is a gesture feature like BlackBerry 10 is offering in mailboxes gestures to go through the emails.

4. Improved camera app – iOS Features

Now iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users have no need to install instagram in their devices to use instagram photo filters because now in iOS 7 apple have added instagram like photo filters in the native camera app. Moreover using iOS 7 camera app users can also switch between new modes like panoramic and square view feature.

iOS 7 camera app - iOS 7 features

5. More improved Siri

In iOS Siri also gets more smarter, now it can turn on or off Bluetooth, can increase or decrease the brightness of the screen, can pick up web results from Bing. Interesting thing is that Wikipedia and Twitter is also integrated with iOS 7 siri. More new features are addition of new female and male voices, addition of German and French.

iOS 7 Siri - iOS features

6. iPhone thieves will be in Trouble now

Now it will be hard for the thieves to sell the stolen iPhone. Mostly thieves wipe iPhone before reselling them but now they will be unable to do that. Now a new Activate iPhone feature is added in the system which require both username and password of the “iCloud ID with which the phone is erased” to activate the iPhone.

New activation feature in iOS 7

7. A new control centre

Like most of the android phones running Jelly bean apple is also offering some “easy controls” in iOS 7. Android offer these controls in notifications bar but here in iOS 7 a separate gesture have been added for the easy controls. Swipe from the bottom to top to bring that control centre. It includes media controls, settings, built flash light, brightness and some other controls.

Easy conrols gesture - iOS features

Now the best about iOS 7 Features

So, these are the 7 iOS 7 features every apple user need to know. This is small list of new features of iOS 7 and there is still enough to discuss which we will do in the coming days. Some other interesting iOS 7 features are improved multitasking, per app VPN, PDF annotations, face time audio and much more. But the main thing to consider is its new colour scheme which have changed the whole iOS design. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.