In last year’s September came Apple’s new generation iPhone, “The iPhone 7” which ultimately rose to be one of the best smartphones of 2016 and one of the most successful iPhone ever made.

Despite a few small issues like the removal of headphone jack and the use of similar body design as iPhone 6, the iPhone 7 is still in a league of it’s own with it’s class unmatched and as perfect as we expected it to be.

Here is what’s new about the iPhone 7,

Two new colors

Apple introduced two colors, gold and rose gold in 5s & 6s respectively with the white bezel, it was about time Apple decided to give some attention to black bezel too, and with iPhone 7, they have done exactly that. Apple introduced two new colors, “jet black” & “Matte black” which look absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing. Furthermore, the jet black iPhone comes with one of a kind “black box” unlike the other colors which come with the standard white box, which makes the jet black iPhone feel like a collector’s item.

Changes in body design

Although the iPhone 7 shares much of the body design with iPhone 6, Apple however made a couple tweaks to distinguish the iPhone 7 from it’s elder brother.

With first being removing the antenna bands from the back of the iPhone unlike the iPhone 6, the antenna bands only cover the top and the bottom of the aluminum body.

Secondly Apple made the camera larger than the iPhone 6, which we’re not sure if it has anything to do with the performance or was it only for appeal. The bigger camera surely looks beautiful, as far as we know.

Apple also removed the button and replaced it with a virtual button that works the same way the button used to do however instead of hearing the sound when the button is pressed, you only feel a vibration.

More storage

If you are that type of person who has thousands of photos and videos and want to capture every moment & every adventure of your life on your iPhone, but you realize that all of a sudden 128gb isn’t enough for you!
Don’t worry, Apple has that figured out. Unlike the iPhone 6 & 6s which has a base storage capacity of 16GB, the iPhone 7 offers 32GB as base storage. Not only that, the iPhone 7 offers twice the memory storage than the iPhone 6s. Yes, iPhone 7 offers 256GB of storage so forget receiving that “Storage full” notifications.

Water resistant

Apple made the iPhone 7 water resistant which is by far the first iPhone to feature this. Now you can finally go out and make those videos in rain or a video of you swimming with your friends. However Apple still recommends to dry out the phone and wait for a couple minutes before plugging it for charging after contact with water.

What’s new?

The new iPhone is not just all cool and for show, underneath all the cool features mentioned above lies an Apple A10 Fusion chip which is 40% faster than the A9 chip used in the iPhone 6s. That’s a pretty decent improvement over a period of one year. The iPhone 7 packs the same 2GB RAM as the iPhone 6s,

However the iPhone 7 has a 2GB RAM, a dual lens camera and a low light imaging camera all set to give you the best photo possible. The iPhone 7 also offers a larger battery (1960mAh) as compared to the iPhone 6s (1715mAH).

All over, iPhone 7 is a huge improvement over the iPhone 6s, but the similar body design and removal of headphone jack at some point contradicts the iPhone 7’s superiority over the iPhone 6s.