It’s 2016, your car stereo is wireless, your charger is wireless, your controllers are wireless, your phone is wireless, name anything and you’ll find a “-less” alternative for it. Anything but your headphones, yup they are the only thing still present in it’s genuine form. But Not for so long though.

Apple has announced AirPods; the revolutionary wireless headphones that require a Bluetooth connection to work. All you have to do is just make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is paired with the AirPods and the AirPods are charged. Simple and Easy, isn’t it?
Here is all you need to know about the new apple product “AirPods”.

What are AirPods?

2016 has been a big year for Apple, they successfully revealed a new iPhone, a new iPad and above all, new revolutionized headphones, bringing about a whole new meaning to music experience. With iPhone 7 being a global success but although facing backlash for the removal of headphone jack, Apple turned a deaf ear to the critics and announced to unveil the new AirPods alongside the iPhone 7 on 7th September, 2016. Airpods were not released with iPhone 7 as we were expecting but they are now available on Apple’s online store.

How do Apple AirPods work?

Apple put in a new W1 chip in the wireless headphones for the AirPods to pair with your apple devices almost instantly. It can pair with iPhones all the way back to iPhone 5. Like any other wireless headphones, AirPods work in the same way. Whenever you pull the AirPods out of the case, they turn on and automatically pair with your apple device (if the Bluetooth is turned on and the device is recognized) however to make the experience more fun, apple has allowed the W1 chip in the headphones to identify simple gestures to pause, play, or attend a call using the wireless Bluetooth headphones. Gestures such as tapping on the headphones and others are included to make the music and the headphones experience more fun. These gestures are easily recognized. All thanks to the W1 chip, you don’t just get better connectivity, you get a whole new music experience of flawless sound with every beat perfectly clear and audible.

How to charge the AirPods?

apple-airpods-caseThe AirPods have a battery timing of only 5 hours. So if you’re a music enthusiast; this may seem much of hassle than convenience. Especially if you’re thinking of replacing your standard headphones with the new Bluetooth AirPods. But this is just the beginning of new wireless era, and we’re pretty sure Apple would make changes to the specifications as the time passes.
Nonetheless, AirPods come with a charging and storing case. To charge your AirPods, all you have to do is put in the AirPods in the case. Simple. Apple, Knowing that this might not always be convenient for the users, the storing case has a battery of it’s own that lasts up to 24 hours. So this way you can charge your AirPods almost everywhere you go. And when the case battery runs out. You can charge the case using standard cable.

In a hurry?

In a hurry and forgot to charge your AirPods? Don’t worry, unlike other apple devices which require at least an hour (or more) of charging to last you a day (on minimal use) just 15 minutes are enough for AirPods to store enough juice to last you 3 hours. Now that’s thoughtful. Nicely executed Apple.

Pricing and delivery

Price: $159

Headphones or Bluetooth headphones, it’s still an apple product, so if you feel the urge to get yourself a pair of Apple’s brand new product, you better start saving because AirPods will surely make your pockets $159 lighter.
Starting from today Apple AirPods are available to buy online at Apple’s online store. Click here to go the the Apple website to order.

Should you or should you not buy the AirPods?

If you have a spare hundred dollar bill to spend on music, AirPods would be a great investment; Keeping in mind the wireless era and how the standard headphones would soon be replaced by the Bluetooth ones in the coming years, you should definitely buy the AirPods.
Even though the price seems hefty for a couple of headphones, the quality and music experience would surely make it up to the point. Rest assured, AirPods will get you a bang for your buck.
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