Apple Inc is one of the top multinational corporations for designing and developing consumer electronics plus computer software and also for providing online services. However, its hardware gadgets are more popular than other products.

 On the launching release of its most awaited Smartphone “Iphone6”, the company announced its next product, which was simply named as Apple Watch or iwatch.

WHAT IS iWatch:

It is the first ever wrist mounted Smartwatch that is scheduled to be available in 3 different versions with a variety of cases made of polished stainless steel and different leather bands.

It is the most accurate watch ever made. It is compatible with iphone and continuously checks the global standard time along with your time zone. If you move to some other place, your watch will automatically set your time according to the time of that place. A Digital Crown is also provided.


It is designed in 3 editions. The Basic Version is made of stainless steel, Sport Version has aluminum casing of gray and silver color and the High End Version is made up of 18 karat gold.


Unlike other watches, Iwatch has come with a range of different faces that are highly customizable and you can change them anytime and anywhere you want. You are provided with options to choose colors and indicate different ways of time details.


Apple watch comes with full range of complications with options for you to add them on screen.

Alarm, moon phase, sunrise/sunset phases and timer are common complications but calendar events, stock quotes, weather reports and activity tracker are new and unique.

It also features world clock and stopwatch.


With this watch, you can communicate with your loved ones by sending and receiving emails, calls and messages. It will show you the thumbnails of your closed friends so you just have to tap to make a call. Customizable Emojis are also added.

There is this amazing Digital Touch feature that allows you and your friend to communicate through custom touch sketches. You can also tell your friends that you’re missing them by just tapping on your watch. They’ll feel the tap on their wrists. Notifications will appear after receiving the message. Hold up your wrist to read and lower down arm to dismiss


It is designed to be compatible with iphone. You can easily transfer your mails, calls and messages from your wrist watch to iphone.


It features an activity app which provides a graphic of your daily physical activity with the help of its three rings. Move Ring shows the amount of calories you’ve burned, the Stand ring shows how many times you’ve stood for taking breaking from your sitting position and the Exercise Ring the calculated time in which you did some physical work. It also uses Wifi to give you more accurate details of your daily activities. It detects your heart rate during workout with Heart Rate Sensor and uses Accelerometer when you’re having rest.

The watch is also designed to keep you motivated with customizable coaching options. It is provided with Workout App for people dedicated to physical hardwork. It also has Fitness App to reward you with medals if you’ve reached your estimated goal.


Your smartwatch can also be your wallet. Now you can pay your bills using apple pay by just double clicking the button next to digital crown and holding its face near contact less reader. Your money will be successfully transferred.


The watchkit is divided into two parts. Some run on iphone and others are installed on Apple watch. It provides opportunity to extend your iphone with the watch through watchkit apps. Glances are also provided to give you the quick view of your desired updates and notifications facilitate interactions using Short Look and Long Look interfaces.


The charging of Apple watch is very simple and awesome. It will use MagSafe style wireless charger that will magnetically snap the watch into correct place. It has no exposed contacts.


The CEO of company said that the Apple Watch will be launched around April of this year.