Apple products are undoubtedly the most desirable gadgets in this world but the problem is that they are easily breakable and difficult to repair. New iphone 6 is also scored 4/10 for durability. But a recent video on YouTube has marked an interesting test to increase the selling of this Smartphone. Well actually it was a campaign to sell the new iphone6 case by a case making company. Urban Armor Gear conducted the iphone space drop test to check the durability of its protective case.


After wrapping it in case, the iPhone was attached to a flight rig with two GoPro cameras, a GPS locater, a weather balloon to reach the intended height and a parachute to regulate the descent or its way back.

The experiment was conducted in North Wales on November and the whole flight lasted for three hours.

The case manufacturers sent it all the way up to 101,000 feet and then dropped it. After reaching the intended altitude, the balloon ruptured & the device started plummeting down. The cameras were recording the whole process.


As it started climbing above clouds and gaining height, the temperature eventually started dropping. After reaching 101,000 ft, the balloon detached and handset fell back to earth with parachute. But the parachute didn’t uphold the rig properly, so it span continuously with the speed of 150 rpm. The iphone weathered the cold temperature which was below -56°C or -70°F. And the winds were speeding with 70 mph or 112km/hr. Eventually it landed on ground with a large thud that broke the rig.

The cell phone was checked and surprisingly it did survive despite having the fact that it was not provided with screen protector. Although the cold drained the battery but still it worked perfectly well after being rebooted. It survived cold temperatures and strong winds without breaking or bending.

It was certainly an incredible and unique experiment but it wasn’t much convincing though. 101,000 ft altitude they were talking about was just for marketing because the maximum velocity of an object that is dropped towards the earth provided with air resistance can be attained from only 1000 ft more or less so that given figure was just for publicity.

Secondly while watching the video we noticed that the object to which the phone was attached was supporting the phone and its case by increasing surface area and due which, the force was lessened.

On the contrary to other objects, this iphone wasn’t spinning when it hit the ground, which means that there was no torque that uses the large amount of force to stop the spin and rapture the device.

And last but not least the speed with which it landed on earth was very slow and as the result the net force wasn’t great too, so it can be expected that it was being dragged by something. Calculate it by distance and time elapsed.

But nevertheless it was a creative experiment and awesome way of advertising.