Are you interested in fixing the dreaded YLOD issue on your PS3 once and for all? Are you annoyed that you are unable to find a solution to fix the yellow light of death issue? Well, today you are in luck! We are going to share some tips below which you can use to get your PS3 up and running within minutes. It these tips don’t work, no need to worried as we have a second alternative listed at the end. Let’s start

  1. Check and make sure there is no loose cable. Fix the loose cables and then restart your console.
  2. Unplug all cables except the power cord, and plug them back in.

Didn’t work? Well, you could send your PS3 off to Sony’s repair department, but that would be costly and will take a long time. This is because Sony:

  1. Take over $200 out of your pocket, even when it is a mechanical error on their part.
  2. Take up to 6 weeks to fix the PS3 YLOD problem
  3. Make sure that all data on the PS3’s hard drive is WIPED OFF!

Are you 100% certain that you want the Yellow Light of Death fixed permanently and you want to retain all your hard drive contents?
So, we have another alternative, which is to use a trustworthy and reputable PS3 repair program, which has acclaimed success for being successful and number one in the world. This program will fix the YLOD once and for all! But why do you need a guide, you may ask? Well, the PS3 YLOD issue is caused by a general hardware failure, whereby the problem cannot be identified without the help of an aid (e.g. a guide/video). So, we’ve done the hard work of searching for an excellent PS3 YLOD repair guide. With this repair guide:

  1. No need to fork out $200 in repair fees
  2. No need to wait 6 weeks for repairs (You get your PS3 repaired in an hour!)
  3. It’s safe, quick and easy
  4. You can recover all your info
  5. A detailed eBook with images
  6. Professionally made videos that take you hand-in-hand to help you
  7. 24/7 personal One-on-one support
  8. 60 day money back guarantee!

I highly recommend this method of repairing the YLOD and I know that you would like your PS3 up and running NOW? So, why wait! Simply visit these PS3 experts by clicking here and get your PS3 up and running in no time!