Make your iphone 6 look like a piece of art with fancy skins, multi variety stickers and memorable photographs. You can also start your business of making iphone models or any other cell phones custom skins. But to do this, you’re going to need some machines and material.

Well here is this solution of your problem. Daqin 3D, international supplier of custom phone skin making material and machines, is intended to provide all necessary stuff to make custom skin for your own iphone 6 or to start your mini business of selling mobile covers. The company provides you the main designing software, necessary material, related machines and training videos with full tutorials.



  • First you need to install Daqin 3D mobile beauty master 2015 version. It is offline software; it does not need internet connection.
  • 4 rollers laminator with laminating effect films
  • Sticker printer with printing design films
  • Sticker cutter


Choose And Design:

Open your installed software of Daqin 3D beauty master ver.2015 and select your iphone 6. The compatible template will be appeared on editing area. Now add your chosen custom photos for designing. The photo format should be of jpg, jpeg, png or bmp. Zoom or drag the picture if you want to adjust it. You should also preview the final effect before printing to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the design.

Print And Laminate:

Now take your 6 color inkjet printer and put one sheet of provided printing design film into the printer and then start printing the design by clicking the ‘print’ option from computer.
For adding effects on surface of your sticker, you can laminate the printed picture with a layer of laminating design film.

Now the sticker is safe from having grease marks or becoming fade and smudged. It’s also water proof now.

Cut And Apply:

Put the laminate sheet in cutter and start it. This Daqin cutter can cut sticker up to 20×30 cm. It will take few seconds.

Now separate this sticker from its backing paper and apply it on your iphone 6.


You see that it’s quite easy and fast process. It will take your hardly 4 or 5 minutes. With this, everyone can be a master of these cute and glittering phone cases.

Many attractive designing films have been introduced to glamorize your mobile phones. You have lightning skin pattern films, desert rock films, diamond shining films, wood grain films, zebra stripped leather films, crocodile leather films, suede leather films, 3M brushed metal films and rainbow super shining films etc as raw materials.

Actually it is designed especially for those who are interested in running custom cell phone skins business. Corresponding company provides a complete kit and all necessary material to start your business.

And this amazing system is not only for iphone 6 or iphone 6 plus. Software includes 3000+ cell phone model templates, which is quite large variety. Also the brand upgrades this software on monthly basis to include new models.