Today there are many mobile operating systems in the market, like Symbian, webos, windows, blackberry, Android and iOS (iPhone Operating System). Among all these famous mobile operating systems Android and iOS is most famous among the smartphone users. As these are the leading mobile operating systems then naturally they are also rivals. Both these mobile Operating systems have big name in the market, in the recent days of smartphones phones iOS was at top point but after the arrival of Android it starts declining and now Android have greater market then iOS. There are several reason behind the declining of iOS, which are important to discuss, So we have created a list of 10 top reasons why Android is better then iOS and below is the complete knowledge.

10: Big Collection Of Prices:

One of the main reason why android is better then iOS is the price collection difference between the two operating systems. iOS not more then a “name” which people use to represent “status”, that’s why iPhone is still a matter of 100s of dollars. But on the other hand if you are looking for a good Android gadget then you can even get all iPhone like features (almost all but similar) in Android by just buying $ 80 Android phone.

9: Big Collection Of Designs:

This also very important because naturally people do not want to see the same style stuff always with them, what I mean here is that iOS devices have a single design and style. As everyone knows, from the first iPhone Apple is still offering two color schemes for iPhone. But unlikely you can get the amazing designed smartphones with Android Operating systems and there a 10s of color and design choices in Android market.

8: User Friendly:

Another Important thing about Android operating system is that its user friendly, iOS is not difficult to use but there are some things which makes Android better then iOS. For example on iPhone there is only one “button”, So you have to type with touch (although there are dock keyboards but they do not looks good when others are providing good). But In Android you can buy smartphones with “keypad ( all buttons keypad are also available )” to type faster.

7: Better Networking:

Recently Apple have launched its famous iPhone 5, in the first days of iPhone 5 it showed a lot of problem among which a problem still stands, that is “crucial time with 4G LTE”. Apple’s iPhone 5 get back to 3G quickly after “small decline in signals” but one the other hand Android smartphones have Good stand time with 4G LTE.

6: Tons Of Free Stuff:

That’s also so true that Apple iTunes lacks as much free stuff as Android App market. In iTunes you will hardly find “good free apps” for your iOS devices. But in Android App market you will find tons of free apps to enjoy without paying any penny, In Android market almost every premium app also have its free version ( this also a plus point ).

5: Android Do Not Need Any Jailbreak Like Thing:

On Android smartphones if you want to enjoy it fully or you want to entertain yourself fully then you do not need any Jailbreak like thing for opening all of the features. Because On iPhone to open all of the options of entertainment and to have access to all of the Apps you have to jailbreak your iPhone but its not as demanded in Android operating system.

4: External Storage:

External Storage is another good feature of Android smartphones but unlikely iOS devices lacks this must have feature. In Android devices you can increase as many storage memory as you want to increase but in iOS devices you have no choice (with bad luck).

3: Face Unlock and NFC based Sharing:

From the Android 4.0 the android developers have added some other best features in Android operating system. That are NFC based sharing and Face unlock. By face unlock you can unlock your smartphone with your face indications and by NFC based sharing you can easily share files and apps quickly with other NFC based sharing smartphones.

2: Custom Roms:

This is also a good feature for Android smartphones, you can create your own custom Roms. As android is open source so everyone can create custom Roms, custom Roms are like the operating system which runs all of the apps  which official operating system do not run.

1: There is not just one mind:

Everyone know that when different minds gather at one place to improve one thing, then there are more chances of perfection but when there is only one mind behind a thing then it will think in just one side and will never think about other possibilities. Same case is with iOS and Android, Android is open source and anyone can add its perfections in it after approval from Google but behind iOS there is only Apple. So, these are 10 top reasons why android is better then iOS, we hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.