iPhone 4s cases cheap are considered those iPhone 4s cases which are not quality cases or which can’t protect iPhone body. But this is totally insane because there are some iPhone 4s cases which are not only cheap or affordable but those cases are also build up of high quality material. That’s means you can now protect your iPhone skin at affordable price and can even order your product online. But where you can find those iPhone 4s cases cheap? Don’t worry about that because I’ve created a list of some affordable but high quality iPhone cases which is below.

1. ELAGO case for iPhone 4s

This is one of the best iPhone cases and one I like most. Because its not only affordable but its also durable. This cheap iPhone 4s case is made of polycarbonate which protects iPhone skin from scratches and cuts upon falling. Interesting thing is that it weighs only 0.8 ounce, so it will not increase weight of your iPhone. Logo protection film is also included in the package which can be used to protect apple logo, buy it here.

ELAGO case for iPhone 4s

2. CaseCrown lux glider case for iPone 4s

Another affordable but quality iPhone 4s cover is here. Its price is only $ 5.20, its a high quality material. But its sponsored by Amazon right now that’s they are charging less otherwise its regular price is above $ 25. So, quickly grab this beautiful cover here which is available in 7 different colors.

CaseCrown lux glider - iPhone 4s cases cheap

3. Skinit Protective skin – iPhone 4s cases cheap

Skinit protective skin iPhone cover is also another on offer product by Amazon, which is available with 25% off price right now. It will not interfere with any other accessory attached to your phone and will fit perfectly to your iPhone. Its also easy to apply and can be removed with no residue left. You can buy this product here.

Skinit Protective skin

4. Switch easy hard case for iPhone 4s

Another very beautiful iPhone cover is here. Switch easy hard case is available in 5 different designs and colors but the price is very affordable. You can buy it from here for only $ 2.25.

Switch easy hard case for iPhone 4s

5. Wallet card case for iPhone 4s

In iPhone 4s case cheap rates list here is another beautiful and amazingly designed iPhone 4s cover. This case for your iPhone is not just a case because iPhone users can also use this as there wallet to put their money and credit cards in it. You can see the picture below to have a better idea. You can also buy this iPhone 4s cover here.

Wallet card case for iPhone 4s

6. Amazing spider-man mask case

If you are a fan of spider man than I’m sure you gonna like this special case with spider man mask. I also know a lot of girls who are one of the big fans of Spider man, that’s why you can also gift this to your girl. Other specifications are slim design, durable material and all ports access without any problem. Right now you can save up to $20 on this specific product, buy it here.

Spider man mask case

7. Aluminium Skin hard back case

As shown by the name of the product that its Aluminium based iPhone 4s back case which can protect your iPhone from severe damages. Its available in 10 different colors and amazingly its weight is only 0.6 ounce that’s why it will not increase your iPhone 4s’ weight. Another good thing is that it available for only $ 2.25 and can be purchased from here.

Aluminium Skin hard back case

8. Spider web case

Spider web case is another other good pick in this list of iPhone 4s cases cheap rates but high quality. Spider web case do not cover full back of the phone but only make a web on the back which looks great as shown in the picture below. You can buy this case from here.

Spider web case

9. Candy shell glossy case

Now I will list some high quality cases in this list of iPhone 4s cases cheap. But the price is also high because of the high quality of the cases. This glossy case looks great in the hands but with an iPhone. Interior of this case is of rubber so it can’t damage the inner body but outer part is of hard plastic to protect phone from outer damages, buy it here.

Candy shell glossy case

10. Zebra Combo Pink

This is what girls will surely like because its in pink which is favourite colour of the ladies. Interior is made of rubber but the exterior is made of both plastic and rudder. Girls you can buy it from here.

Zebra Combo Pink - iPhone 4s cases cheap

Check out some other iPhone 4s cases cheap

So, this is the list of iPhone 4s cases cheap rates, I’m sure you will like the stuff. But stay in touch with us for more interesting offers, buying guides but don’t miss out this Google glass photos collection and windows 8 tips.