Japanese People are one of the most respectable nations in the World. In native language people of Japan usually called “Nihonjin” and people of Japan living in other countries called “Nikkeijin”. I’m a big fan of Japanese people because they have proved themselves as one of the most talented and hard-working nations of the world. In the Second World War when Japanese faced the heat of atomic bombs thrown by America no one was thinking that Japan will stand on its feet again. But now everyone knows where Japan is today, and this is only due to the Japanese people. There are different types and characteristics of people of Japan which we will discuss here today.

Firstly we will discuss some special characteristics of Japanese people than we will go on for their types.

1. Hardworking

Nobody can deny this fact, as I’ve mentioned earlier that after the Second World War the whole Japan was totally broken due to American attacks, thousands of people died in that incident, two main cities of Japan ( Hiroshima and Nagasaki ) were completely destroyed which in turn destroyed the whole economy and industry of Japan. So, Japan was almost zero after the Second World War. But now Japan is one of the wealthiest nations and everyone admits the talent of Japanese people. Every Japanese product is an example of quality and hard-work. Especially Japanese car brands are very popular around the world, example are Toyota, Mitsubishi and Honda.

2. Patience

You have to admit the patience of Japanese people. Because in crucial times they didn’t work for themselves they worked for their country. In 1960 Japan was getting aid from countries like Pakistan but now Japan is aiding many countries in the world. People of Japan lived their life under American armies for a long time; they lived their life like prisons under US army. But they didn’t lost their patience and now they are in the “G8 countries” and surprisingly America is also getting funds from Japan at this time.

3. Polite but Shy – Japanese People

Most of the Japanese people are polite but most of them are also shy. For example, Japanese can’t speak in front of many people to give their opinions. Obviously all of Japanese are not like that, you can also find Japanese filled with confidence and courage. To check how polite Japanese are, go into any shop owned by a Japanese person they will not only treat you like their customers but will treat you like most respectable person.

4. Culture Loving

Japanese people love their culture, especially they love their Kung fu. I also love kung fu and will love to get some Kung Fu classes in Japan. But this is a fact that now new Japanese generation is not interested in their cultural and  are more attracted by western cultural. People of Japan really have to think about this situation.

5. Helpful to others

Japanese usually love to help others and that’s a common characteristic of all of the Asian countries. They are clean, kind and law loving people. Of course not all of the Japanese are law loving because some of the world’s famous gangs are Japanese.

Types of Japanese People by web Japan. Japanese People are distributed in four types by web Japan and those four types are listed below.

1. A Type

A type Japanese people are serious, humble, helpful, good at housework and they like action not words. 40% of the Japanese population can be counted in A type.

2. B Type – Japanese People

This second type of Japanese people is very curious, impatient and they quickly losses interest but interesting thing is that this type is creative. About 20% of the Japanese population is consisted of B type.

3. O Type

These are the simple and positive kind of Japanese people; they are also easy going and officious people. This type consists of 30% of Japanese population.

4. AB Type

This kind of Japanese people is the mixture of A and B type. These people are most talented, artistic, non violent and calm people. AB type covers 10% of Japanese population.

So, these are the types and characteristics of Japanese People. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more. But don’t miss out these Android tips, weather apps for android and antivirus for windows.