Today all of the world’s best brands are working in China, especially electronics related manufacturers like “Apple” are making products in China. But in China the native manufacturers are also making their own quality products and important thing is that many of those products and brands are known internationally. Today we will discuss about computer manufacturer from China and will list some best computer makers from that country.¬†Mostly Chinese products are known for their Cheap quality but these companies make quality computers and computer parts, list starts now.

1. Lenovo

Today this Chinese electronics company is known in every part of the world because now its one of the best computer makers. Two main products of lenovo are ThinkPad and ThinkCentre, ThinkPad is notebook series and ThinkCentre is Lenovo’s desktop series. Lenovo have also launched a smartphone series which is called LePhone or IdeaPhone. In this smartphone Lenovo use customized version of Android Operating system.

IdeaPhone from Lenovo Computer Manufacturer From China

Lenovo IdeaPhone

One thing important about the products of Lenovo is that all of its product are available at affordable price. For further info about Lenovo click here.

2. Aigo

Not only computer and mobile phone lovers know about Aigo but most of the “F1 racing” lovers too know about Aigo. Because Aigo is one of the official sponsor of Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes Formula One Team. But Aigo is also well known for its own products, Its one of the best manufacturer of MP5, computer cases, Tablets, Cameras, Cell phones, Solar Power Charges and some of other computer accessories are manufactured by Aigo.For more info about Aigo click here.

AigoPad Android Tablet From Aigo, Computer Manufacturer From China


3. Elite Group Computer Systems ( ECS )

Elite Group Computer Systems is world’s 4th largest computer motherboard and graphics card manufacturer. This Chinese company is from Taiwan ( Country governs By People Republic Of China ). This company also manufacture full computer systems, like notebooks and desktops. But main products of ECS are computer motherboards and Graphics cards, you can click here for more info about ECS.

ECS Motherboard - Computer Manufacturer From China

ECS Board


One of the experienced computer makers from China, HASEE was started in 1995, when they launched their first product “graphics card”. But now they manufacture their own motherboards and graphics cards are no longer manufactured by HASEE. HASEE is also known for its quality personal computers, they create netbooks, laptops, PC Panel, Desktop and Tablet PC. For more info about HASEE click here.

Laptops Collection From HASEE - Computer Manufacturer From China

HASEE Laptops

5. Lanner

Lanner is a well known industrial computer manufacturer. Its main products are embedded computing systems, such as In-Vehicle computers, All purpose box computers, bus WiFi system and other large network computer systems. You can check more about Lanner here.

Lanner Systems Chinese Computer Manufacturer

Lanner Embedded System

6. Zotac – Chinese Computer Manufacturer

If you are a gaming geek or a high quality designer then you just need a super fast computer and I’m sure Zotac can provide you that thing. Zotac manufacture graphics card units and mother boards. But as I said earlier is also manufacture super fast PCs which you can see here.

Mini PC From Zotac Chinese Computer Manufacturer

Zotac Mini PC

Know the best about best Chinese Computer manufacturer:

This is the list of best Chinese computer manufacturers, Chinese computer companies are making quality products. Which includes PCs, Laptops, Netbooks, Motherboards and other computer related products. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.