Here is a good news, by 2015 drones will be used to quickly deliver products across US. So, that will the first moment when drones will be used for the benefit of mankind on a constant basis rather than destroying it. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told media that we will be delivering products with Drones by 2015 and company will be able to deliver the products within half an hour.

The maximum weight that robots will be able to deliver is 5 pounds and the maximum distance will be 10 miles at the start of the program. This “Sci-Fi” program by Amazon is named as Amazon prime air. Moreover Amazon CEO admitted that program will take almost 2-3 years to start, that period will involve technical advancements, testing and experimenting.

Amazon CEO said,

[quote_center]The hard part here is putting in all the redundancy. All the reliability to say this can’t land on somebody’s head. [/quote_center]

If you want to see how this program will actually work than watch the video embedded above. Amazon made this video for you to see the little drones in action. Although this program looks a science fiction and most of the people are thinking that this is only a publicity stunt by Amazon but the video of the little drones in the actions. The technology world is growing too fast and we’re getting unbelievable products with awesome features. As US Army is controlling big drones then why not Amazon? Although the Federal Aviation Administration FAA is working on rules for aerial vehicles  (without driver).
But there is a question in my mind will these little drones be safe for human? As mentioned earlier FAA is working on rules for aerial vehicles and we all know that  their first priority is “human safety”. Amazon also said drones will be designed to commercial aviation standards. Let’s wait and see what Amazon will now do to make this system work.