Remember the older days? Where choosing to buy a new phone wasn’t that hard, where every phone was simple, reliable and durable? Well that era is gone now. With so many new smartphones introduced into the market in the previous 10 years, it’s really difficult to choose the perfect phone for yourself. Or is it not?

Back in the days where smartphones were merely concepts, Nokia 3310 was the real king of all the phones, it was everything you could ask for in a phone at that time. It was reliable, strong, and had a battery that could run days without draining. Even weeks. Now since all that is in the past, Nokia doesn’t want you to forget those days, and that’s why Nokia’s announced a new 3310 feature phone.

Here are some details about the phone.

Design & New colors

Nokia wants to keep it original, no questions asked. So the body design is same as the original 3310, however unlike the original 3310 which had a durable & strong plastic shell or whatever that thing was made of which almost completely denied to break, the new 3310 looks like it’s made up of fragile plastic instead of the original tough plastic. However Nokia has given 3310 a makeover for 2017 to keep it trendy, like adding a few more buttons on the front housing to make it look more attractive. Nonetheless, Nokia has introduced new colours for the 2017’s 3310 including yellow, orange and the original matte blue and grey.

Display changes

Nokia doesn’t want to raise a phone from a grave, rather Nokia wants people to relive the nostalgia of owning one of the world’s most reliable phones or otherwise known as “Mother of all phones” and while Nokia wants users to enjoy the original simplicity, it also aims to provide users the joy of using a phone from early 2000’s into 2017 with a few advancements. The new Nokia 3310 includes a larger screen than the original 3310 and the best part is it’s color-display, so that you don’t have to worry about black & white display. The screen measures 2.4″ & 240×320 pixels as compared to the original which had a 1.5″ display, needless to mention (black & white display).


Yes, the new Nokia 3310 can run the internet through Opera Mini Browser but don’t expect a smooth surfing experience like on an iPhone because unlike an iPhone, the Nokia 3310 has 2.5g instead of 3g or 4g.

More features

Nokia 3310 was one of the most prestigious phones and is still considered to be one due to it’s simplicity and reliability, to make sure the new 3310 lives up to the original’s name, the new 3310 includes a battery that may last up to 22 hours and 1 whole month on standby. Moreover the new 3310 even has a back camera! Just 2.0mp but still it’s a 3310, what do you expect? Moving on, the new Nokia 3310 also has a headphone jack as well as a microSD card slot to keep your photos or videos. A Nokia won’t be Nokia without the famous “Snake” game. And like you have guessed, the new Nokia has it which may be another reason to buy the 3310? “Snake” game.

The new Nokia 3310 is not about specifications, it’s about having a device that reminds you of the original 3310, that when you look at your latest smartphone, you realise this was all where it started from. The new 3310 is more of a collector’s item and unlike most, it’s valued at only $52 which seems pretty fair realising the nostalgia it provides.

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