Last day the whole American nation celebrated Labor Day as a holiday. So, the start of the week was awesome for the workers as they enjoyed 3 public Holidays in a row ( Monday, Sunday and Saturday ). What is the Labor Day? Why People celebrate it? Have you ever think about this? Labor Day is celebrated on every first Monday of the September in America to protect the rights of the Labor all over the world. But did you got anything as gift from your employer? I think 95% of the American employer was just celebrating Labor day as an holiday for fun rather then supporting Labor or their workers.

I think on Labor Day all of the American employers should arrange a party for their worker and should promise to support the rights. This will not only boost the confidence of American workers but this thing will also help America to get their economy back. So, its not a big deal to celebrate labor day with your labor.

labor day - should you support the nation

Americans are also facing a big job crisis, for example last week thousands of American was stepped out of their jobs. So, its time to take a stand to support workers and to create more jobs because without this America will not get its economy back.

Yesterday on Labor day workers was demanding to pay them enough so they can support themselves. They just want increase in job, pay and decrease in taxes. Workers are fighting for their rights but its just impossible for them to achieve their without the support of their Employers and some politicians. They also need you, just come out of your homes and see what American government is doing, they are just putting the money in the Wars rather supporting their own nation. It time to think and fight for your rights, just think about this.