Japan is the world 2nd largest economy, the member of the Eight group and main industrial country the in the world. The industry of Japan is well known for its quality products like motor vehicles, auto parts, chemicals, ships, textiles and processed food. These products of Japan are popular all over the world but not all of the Japanese products are worth to import that’s why to help out our readers today we will write about 6 things to import from Japan this year.

1. Motor Vehicles

Everyone knows about the Japanese car brands like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Nissan, Mazda and others. All of these popular car brands are from Japan and well known all over the world for their quality. People import Corolla, Corona, Yaris, Pajero, HIACE, BLAZER, ASTRO, GALANT, OPElL ASTRA and many other cars from Japan.

Toyota Yaris - things to import from Japan

2. Semiconductors

Semiconductor exports comprises 6.2 of the whole Japanese exports. Japan Semiconductors are used by the world’s best computer manufacturers. Recently Japanese Semiconductors industry was badly effected due to the earth quake but now they are again on their feet and its all about the hard work of Japanese people.


3. Iron and steel products

Iron and steel products from Japan are also well known for their quality all over the globe. Iron and Steel products like coated steel products, bars, chain, tools, plate, stainless steel bars, pipes, tubes, pressure vessels and other steel products are worth importing from Japan.

steel products

4. Auto Parts

Japanese auto parts are not easy to find locally and second thing is that Japanese auto parts  are always expensive. Importers always love to import Japanese auto parts because they are always in demand. If you have any Japanese made vehicle then you have to use Japanese auto parts. We are also going to start our Japanese auto parts sale ( used parts of all kind ) very soon, so stay in touch with us.

Auto parts

5. Japanese Plastic material

World is also importing all type of quality products from Japan. Plastic products like bags, sacks, sheets and other products are worth importing from Japan.

plastic products  - things to import from Japan

Last words about things to import from Japan

So, this is the list of things to import from Japan. All of the products mentioned in the list can be imported anywhere in the world. But If you want to do best in Business then go for free ports like Dubai. And don’t forget to checkout this list of 10 things to import from Pakistan. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.