Usually insurance agents don’t work on monthly pay because their source of income is “commissions from insurance company”. As much customer they will give to the insurance company as much commissions they will earn. For getting more and more customers they have to market their products. But this insurance marketing is totally different from other types of marketing. Besides online marketing today we have list of some offline marketing ideas for insurance agents to easily market and increase their income.

Offline marketing ideas for the insurance agents

Offline marketing ideas for the insurance agents

1. First of all shortlist some people of interest

Right after becoming insurance agent the first thing you have to do is shortlist some people around you who might be interested in buying insurance policy. Look around you, search for people like old millionaire, people who are starting new business, people who have bought brand new luxury car etc. After shortlisting these type of person, meet them an tell them about your product and its benefits. Meeting 3 people daily would be enough, I’m sure after doing this practice you will be earning smart commissions every month.

2. Attend Expos and Trade shows

You can also find Businessmen interested in your product at expos and trade shows. Because almost every new and old business person attend these types of events so its easier there to find some new clients.

3. Make a property dealer friend

You should build strong relations with property dealers around your city. Ask them to introduce their customers with your product or simply ask them to distribute your fliers to their customers. Through this way you will find many people interested in house insurance.

4. Fund to hospital – Offline Marketing Ideas

Fund some money to the nearby hospital and ask them to put your business name somewhere in the fee receipt. This thing will attract a lot of people interested in health insurance. Remember one thing about the fliers, these should be a short copy of all of your products and their benefits.

5. Throw your fliers in home

Find and shortlist some newly built homes near your, and then start throwing your fliers in those homes. You can throw those fliers in post boxes their.

6. Meet some car dealers

Meet all of the famous car dealers around your city and introduce your product to them. If they like your product then gift a bundle of your fliers to them. You can get many new customers interested in car insurance through this way.

7. Promote it in parking lots

Promote your product in the parking lots of famous shopping malls in your area. Attach your fliers/pamphlets to the wind screen of the cars there.

8. Sponsor kids school

Be a sponsor for any middle school and ask school administration to post information about your product at the back side of fee cards. These fee cards would be reviewed by the children parent, who might be interested in buying family insurance plan.

9. Post in Local newspaper

Don’t post in national newspaper because national newspapers only post about national affairs and people also buy those for knowing about national matters. But local newspapers are bought by the people interested in local matters, so posting about the benefits of your product in local news paper would be great to get new customers.

10. Arrange events

Another great idea in offline marketing ideas for the insurance agents. Insurance agents should arrange monthly, quarterly or yearly events to introduce their product to interested people.

11. Ask existing customers for testimonials

Insurance agents should also ask their existing customers for testimonials about their product. Ask them how better they find your product, Ask them which specification you enjoyed most and couple of other questions. For this you can create and distribute a questionnaire.

12. Meet some travel agents

Insurance agents should also meet some travel agents, find travel agents in your city introduce your product with them and then hope for new customers for travel insurance.

13. Be a sponsor at public events

Also try to be sponsor for public events like music concerts, football tournament etc. You can also send promotional gifts to your existing customers.

Know the best about Offline Marketing ideas for Insurance agents

These are the 13 marketing ideas for the insurance agents. All of these offline marketing ideas can increase your commissions if your implement of these. I have listed some ideas like “building relations with dealers”, these is the best way to get more insurance customers but you should offer some commission in return to those dealers to get the best from them. Otherwise you may get zero. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.