Get followers on Twitter free with these simple techniques. Today we are going to discuss how to get followers on Twitter without any cost. We will gives you some tips and tricks which will help you to increase your Twitter presence. These tips will include methods which are not against Twitter’s terms of services. That’s why feel free to use these tips and tricks for your Twitter profile.

get followers on Twitter free

1. Always mention related people

Create a list of the people which are according to your business or the person who are more famous than you. Than every time while tweeting mention some related profiles to get more retweets. More retweets means exposure to other twitter profiles and more exposure means more followers to your twitter account. This is one of the basic techniques to get followers on Twitter free.

2. Regularly follow and unfollow

Another best technique to get more real Twitter followers for free is to regularly follow other people like you. If you have business profile on Twitter then try to follow business related profiles because there will more chances that those related profiles will follow you back. That’s mean following related people on twitter can give you more followers. But there is another thing you should also regularly unfollow those profiles which have not followed you back.

3. Add follow button to your website

Here is another way to get followers on twitter free. If you have any website or blog than add “follow” button to your website. There are many tools and plugins which can help you in placing follow button on your website. But “Follow” buttons for websites are also available at Twitter. Placing follow button means that your twitter profile will get more exposure and you will be turning your website’s users in to your Twitter followers.

4. Connect your Twitter profile with other social networks

Connecting social profiles with each other can also be helpful in getting more twitter followers. For example other social networks like Google plus and Pinterest also offer to connect other social profiles. Pinterest allow to attach Twitter and Facebook but on Google plus you can add other social profiles too. This way you will be able to connect all of your social community and you will also get followers on twitter free.

5. Use social exchange websites to get followers on Twitter free

Use websites where users exchange their social presence. Websites like “AddMEFAST” allow users to collect points and then users use those points to get followers to their social profiles. Although these followers are not active but if you just want to show a number of followers on your twitter profiles than this is the best method to get followers on twitter free.

So, these are the techniques to get followers on twitter. These are very old and working methods which people are using to get free followers on Twitter since a long time. We hope you will like these ways to get followers on Twitter free. But don’t miss out these marketing ideas for insurance and this list of top 10 US imports.