When you buy new internet connection then you may face some temporary connectivity problems, such as some websites may not open in your computer. This does not mean that those websites are down because when you open those websites on another computer or on your mobile phone then those will be working fine. When any website is not opening then there could be many reasons behind that problem, today we will discuss most of them and will also share simple solutions with you, Let’s start now.

Solution #1. Restart/Reset Your Modem/ Or Reconnect:

First of all the most simple solution could be restarting your modem or reconnecting with your internet connection. If this does not work then reset your modem and then configure it again. You can reset your modem by pressing “reset button” on the back side of the modem, this will reset your modem back to the factory settings. Then you can reconfigure it by logging in to router, for this you can go to “” and use “admin as username and password both”, then reconfigure your modem/router.  (Login info may be different for different routers). Hope this will work, if its not then move to the next step.

Solution #2. Delete Cookies/ All Browser Settings:

If solution #1 doesn’t work for you then you can try this thing. Open your web browser which you are currently using, go to its settings and delete all cookies. After deleting all of the cookies also delete all of the history items and then restart your browser, hope this will work.

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Solution #3. Change Your Web Browser:

If any website is not opening on your current browser then you can also try another web browser for opening the same website. Because sometimes cookies or temporary internet files of a browser may create some issue while opening a particular website. So, changing your web browser may solve the problem.

Solution# 4. Turn off protection:

May be windows firewall or any antivirus you have installed is blocking that particular website. So temporarily turn your computer antivirus/firewall protection off and then try to open the site again. Hope so this will do the magic.

Solution# 5. Check hosts file If Any Website Is Not Opening:

Check your hosts file in windows, you can find hosts file by following this path

Open hosts file in wordpad or notepad, then check if there is any false IP for the website which is not opening. If there is any, then remove that and try to connect again.

Hosts File in window opened using notepad - When Any Website is Not Opening

Hosts File

Solution# 6. Flush DNS:

Flush the DNS using command prompt, you can do this by following the path below.
Start > Run > CMD > Press Enter > Type ipconfig/flushdns > Press Enter.
Now you are done with flushing DNS, check the site.

Flushing DNS using Command Prompt

DNS Flushing

Solution# 7. Change DNS:

Change the DNS of the network connection which you are using. You can do this by editing the properties of that internet connection. Two most recommended dns are Google dns and open dns.

Solution# 8. Your IP may be blocked:

Your IP address may be blocked for that website. So change your IP address and then try to connect again, hope this will work.

Solution# 9. Change Your Operating System:

Another good solution for your problem is upgrading your Operating system. Because this problem is mostly being created on old version of windows. Try to move to the latest versions of windows, this step will surely solve your problem.

Solution# 10. Use Proxy:

That website may be blocked in your area, So using proxy softwares always do the job. Most recommended proxy software is UltraSurf, because it always works.

Ultrasurf Proxy protector

Use Proxy Software

Know The Best About Things To Do When Any website is not opening:

Above is the list of solutions which you can apply when any website is not opening at your end. Usually people face this problem when they switch from one network connection to another. But don’t worry this post will help you getting rid of these problem. Try solution number 9 and 10 because they will most likely work in all circumstances. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.