Every pinterest users is curious to know how to get followers on Pinterest. Because now pinterest is one of the most popular social networking site with a lot of benefits. Website owners or bloggers are driving tons of traffic to their blog from Pinterest. Small business owners are getting serious buyers for their products from pinterest and most importantly pinterest is the home of infographics. If you want to get huge benefits from Pinterest than you should know how to get followers on Pinterest. Because without followers you can get nothing out of Pinterest. On pinterest you have to struggle for the followers, so you can promote your product immediately. But don’t worry below is the complete guide on how to get followers on Pinterest.

pinterest - how to get followers on Pinterest


1. Follow others but carefully

Everyone have heard about “Following others” technique to get more followers on Twitter, Google plus and Facebook. This method also works on Pinterest, but just following others in a simple way is not good thing. Because to have a lot of followers on a profile is not a big game but to have some or more targeted followers is the main thing. Targeted followers are more likely to go for your product than normal followers.

But now the question is how to get targeted followers on Pinterest. This is very simple, you just have to search about your product on Pinterest. Then you will get three types of results pins, boards and pinners. Go to the boards section where you will find boards with pins related to your search term. “That’s mean those board owners are already interested in your product”, follow those boards and some of those will follow you back. So, this way you will be able to have targeted followers on Pinterest. But as these “Get followers on Twitter tips” don’t forget to unfollow those people who have not followed you back. So, that’s how to get followers on Pinterest.

2. Pin regularly but with strategy

Regularity is always good for everyone. “Paying regular attention to business” is the key to success. To be a good pinterest users set a pinning schedule, for example pinning daily, weekly or fortnightly and stick to that schedule. We recommend the following schedule for best results.

1. Pin daily

2. Pin thrice a day

3. Pin no more than 5 images or videos at a time

4. Should have gap of 5 minutes between every pin to give every pin maximum exposure.

3. Pin Unique and new – how to get followers on Pinterest

Pinning unique content is also important to get new and targeted followers on Pinterest. About 3 months ago I created a picture for one of my blog posts and then pinned that on Pinterest and I’m still getting repins for that picture. So, that’s mean when you pin unique and original images you will be more likely to get new followers and a lot of repins. Besides posting unique content, new images (images which are new on the internet) can also help you in getting new followers. Almost every day millions of new pictures are uploaded to the internet, so it will be very easy to get new images for your pinterest profile.

4. “Repin from down”

If you don’t have time to create or find unique content or you want to repin others pins. Than always repin from down. We mean scroll down to the half or 1 day old pins and repin from there. Because when you will repin fresh pins from the home than those will be considered as duplicate because same pins will be there and you will get less exposure. That’s why to always get full exposure repin from down.

5. Connect your Facebook and Twitter account

Pinterest also allow its users to connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts with your Pinterest profile. This way you will be able to automatically post a notification on Twitter and Facebook whenever you will create a new pin. Your Facebook friends and Twitter followers will also see your activity on Pinterest and they will surely follow you on Pinterest if they have an account there.

So, these are the best ways telling you how to get followers on Pinterest. All these tips are according to the Pinterest terms of service so feel free to use these tips as your pinterest strategy. We hope you will this guide on how to get followers on Pinterest but don’t miss out these insurance marketing ideas and Pinterest Vs Facebook comparison.