Today we are going to compare top 4 social network on the web  Facebook Vs Pinterest Vs Twitter Vs Google Plus. These four social networks are the top social networking site today. First comes Facebook, then Twitter then Pinterest and then comes Google plus which is by Google. Why Facebook is at top? and Why Google plus is at fourth position? this is only because of its there features and their users (importantly).

Today we will compare every important features of all these big social networks and then at last we will make a conclusion about their current positions and rankings,  So, lets start know.

Facebook Vs Pinterest Vs Twitter Vs Google Plus - The Ultimate Comparison

Facebook Vs Pinterest Vs Twitter Vs Google Plus – The Ultimate Comparison

1: Number of Users:

This is the important thing to consider while comparing anything with others, because it is important to consider how much people are using that particular thing and why are they using that thing. When we talk about number of users in Facebook Vs Pinterest Vs Twitter Vs Google Plus Comparison then we come to know that Facebook have huge number of users and many times more then other three.

Today Facebook users are up to 1 billion in numbers, Pinterest have about 11 million users, Twitter have about 500 million users and in the end Google plus have about 400 million users ( O.o ) . This is only because of the Google account 🙂 because whenever a new user will sign up for a new Google ID it will automatically becomes a Google Plus User, So there is nothing to excite 🙂 .

2: Percentage Of male and Female Users:

It sounds little bit good to consider percentage of male and female users on all of these social network, because men on the web mostly direct themselves to the girls’ place, for example on Pinterest women were many times more then men but know men are joining Pinterest in a large number, because ladies are attracting them 😉 .

On Facebook there are about 58% female users, on Twitter there are 60 % , on Pinterest there are about 79% female users and on Google plus there are 29 % female users. Now come to the male users, on Pinterest there are only 21 % male users, on Twitter there 40 % , on Facebook there are 42% and on Google plus there are 69 % 😉 male users, So Google plus is a guy thing 😉 .

3: Users Daily Time Spending:

Here too the Facebook users are on the top, Facebook users daily spend about 6 hours a month ( average time ), Pinterest users spend about half n hour per month, Twitter users spend 21 minutes and Google plus users spend only 3 minutes for social networking on Google Plus.

4: Post Size limit:

Post size limit is also very important thing to consider while comparing social networks because you should have enough words to express yourself. In Facebook Vs Pinterest Vs Twitter Vs Google Plus comparison Facebook have maximum post size limit to briefly express yourself.

On Facebook can write up to 63000 “characters”, on Pinterest you have 500 characters limit, on Twitter you have only 140 characters limit but on Google Plus you have up to 100000 characters limit ( this time G+ Rocks 😉 ).

5: Profile Look:

On Pinterest you have only profile picture to show, while on the other side all of the other social networks like Google plus, Twitter and Facebook also have options to add cover photo in your profile. Cover photos was first introduced by Facebook and Google plus then recently Twitter also have added this feature.

6: Posts Privacy:

The best privacy is provided by Facebook, Facebook have many privacy options to set the best. While posting any material you can set the privacy of that content, your friends too can only see your posts if you have allowed them. While on the other hand all other social networks in the list expect Google plus, Pinterest and Twitter do not have sufficient privacy options to select from. Any user can see your posts on these social sites, Pinterest have only “Secret boards” but they are not enough because only three secret boards can be created. Google plus also offer different privacy options for posts like Facebook.

7: Chatting:

ON Facebook you can send personal messages to anyone in the Facebook, on Pinterest you can send any PM. On Twitter you can also send direct messages to your Followers and to whom you are following. On Facebook you can also video chat with others Facebook users but one to one, But on Google plus you can make video conference with up to 9 persons at a time.

8: Smartphone Apps:

All of these social networks also offer smartphone apps for their users. All the Android and iPhone users can get official apps of these social networks to stay in touch with their social community all the time. On Facebook app you can also send personal messages but can’t make video call, But with Google plus apps you can also make video conference call with up to 9 person at a time.

9: After Post Editing and content reporting:

In Facebook and Twitter you can edit your comment after posting but on Twitter and Pinterest you can’t do this. On all of these social networks you can report about the content you don’t like but its bit easy on Facebook.

10: Advertisement:

This is the most important thing for every website on the internet because advertisement provide money to keep the process going. On Pinterest, Twitter and Google plus you will hardly find any advertisement, but on Facebook you will see more advertisement then content know a days. This Facebook situation shows us the Facebook’s hunger for money.

Know the best about Facebook Vs Pinterest Vs Twitter Vs Google plus:

This is the Facebook Vs Pinterest Vs Twitter Vs Google plus comparison, this comparison tells us Facebook is still at top but its going to be more greedy day by day. On the other side Google plus is a better alternative for Facebook. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.