Ted baker glasses are very famous all over the world for their quality and perfect designs. Ted Baker is British clothing company which mainly deals which men and women’s fashion products. Ted Baker also run a Barber store on the four different locations in the London. Today we are going to list top 10 Ted Baker eye glasses collection for men and will also tell you where to buy these top quality glasses. Mainly Ted baker offers both prescription glasses and sun glasses but list of sunglasses for me is below.

1. MOEBIUS – half wayfarer

This is the latest sun glass in the Ted Baker glasses collection. Its available in only one colour which is Tortoise Shell. Most importantly its value is 149 pounds.

MOEBIUS - Ted Baker glasses

2. DONAT – D Shape Sun Glasses

DONAT is another popular sun glass from Ted Baker. Its available in two different colours which are black and Tortoise shell. Price of DONAT sun glass is 105 pounds.

DONAT - D shape glasses by Ted Baker

3. ESCOPE – D Shape Sun Glasses

ESCOPE is also another popular sun glass brand by Ted Baker glasses. Its available in one colour and that is Tortoise shell. Its price is 149 pounds.

ESCOPE - D shape sun glasses

4. SANDEEP – Ted baker glasses

Here is another D shape sun glass by Ted baker. Its available in only one colour like ESCOPE listed above and that colour is Oxblood colour. The of SANDEEP is 149 pounds same as product listed above.


5. CARTER – Aviator style

Another popular sun glass brand by Ted baker is CARTER. CARTER sun glasses are available in two different colours that are black and gold. The price of CARTER is only 65 pounds.

CARTER sun glasses by Ted Baker

6. ROBOBEN – Sunglasses

ROBOBEN sunglasses are one of my favourite sunglasses among the latest collection of Ted baker glasses. These are available in three colors black, blue and tortoise shell. The price of ROBOBEN is 149 pounds.

ROBOBEN by ted baker London

7. TOULON – Square Aviator sunglasses

These square Aviator sunglasses by Ted Baker London are available in 3 different colours which are gunmetal, blue and gold. The price of TOULON in Ted baker stores is 105 pounds.

 TOULON by Ted baker London

8. JEREMYY – Sunglasses by Ted Baker

JEREMYY sunglasses by Ted Baker are available in 3 different colours. That are Tortoise shell, Blue and purple. The price of JEREMY is 149 pound.

JEREMY sunglasses

9. Oliver by Ted Baker

Oliver by Ted baker is another one of my favourite sunglasses by Ted Baker glasses. This collection is available in two different colours which are purple and gold. The price of OLIVER is 75 pound.

OLIVER - TED Baker glasses

10. AIX – Ted Baker glasses

AIX square Aviator sunglasses are available in Brown colour and these are quite affordable then other sunglasses. Their price is 75 pound.

AIX by ted baker

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So, this is the list of Ted baker glasses collection for men. All of these glasses are available in Ted Baker stores. We hope you will like this list of Ted baker glass but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.