Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad is like getting more freedom over your device just like rooting an android phone. With jailbreaking you will unlock locked features. But on the same time a large number of iPhone fans don’t recommend Jailbreaking, according to those fans the process can vanish warranty and can also slow the down the device with time. That’s why iPhone users always have some questions about jailbreaking. Below are the some FAQs about Jailbreaking an iPhone with answers.

1. Can We Return Back To The Original Position?

Yes! you can return back to original state of the phone any time you want. Before jailbreaking completely backup your iPhone in iTunes that will allow you to restore it to original position if you Jailbreak is don’t suite you. Un-Jailbreaking Process is completely described here.

2. What About Current Data?

You will not loose your current apps but backing up your device before jailbreak process is always recommended. You can backup your apple device with iTunes or iCloud.

3. Unlocking is also required?

Jailbreaking and unlocking are completely different. Jailbreaking gives you access to programs that are not allowed by Apple but are very powerful. While on the other hand unlocking let you use different sim cards on your phone. If you are not happy with your current cellular network then you should unlock your iPhone to use a different sim card.

4. What about new iOS versions?

Before jailbreaking make sure that jailbreak is available for the iOS version installed on your iPhone. Currently the latest iOS version is 7 and jailbreak is not available for that. If a new iOS version is available, before upgrading make sure its jailbreaked version is available.

5. What are general pros and cons of Jailbreaking an iPhone?

The general pros include more flexibility and more control over hardware. Moreover access to prohibited apps is also a plus point. Jailbreak allows you to customize your device. On the other hand the downside include device instability and more battery usage, warranty will also over.

So, these are the some FAQs about Jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad with answers. As everything in this world Jailbreaking also have some upsides and downsides. But it mainly depends on you how you want to use the device, if you want more freedom then go for it otherwise don’t Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.