Yesterday Apple announced in a press that New Mac pro will be available from today and now Apple’s new Mac Pro is available for over $13K. Yes! Its not $1 or $2K its more than $13K. The company is selling new Mac Pro via its online store.

Mac pro starts at $2999 but the with custom options you can spend more than $16K on your next Mac if you also add two 4K displays. According to the company the shipping will start in January, but to stores the shipping will be started by December 30. So, you have to wait a bit to buy one for you.

Well! I think Apple should decrease the prices to discounted rates for Christmas, this will make Apple lovers a lot happy. This Christmas Apple will also have record sales for their iPad Air, they can also have record sales on new Mac Pro if they decrease the rates for the Christmas.

new Mac pro

Customizable Mac pro is definitely going to be a rare choice of the customers as its too costly. Well if you have spare $10K in your bank account then you can try the power of new Mac Pro, otherwise you can also get a good windows 8 laptop under $300.