One of the most difficult thing for the students is to arrange money for buying essential tools required for their studies. Same condition is here for the design and multimedia students. Although they need high end software like Adobe essentials but they also need to learn other small software that are not only free but also provide some awesome basic features. Today we will list best paid and free video editing software for students to polish their skills.

1. Windows Movie Maker 2012

This is one of the basic software for the video editors but all of the simple tasks like trimming, processing and polishing of the videos can be done with windows movie maker 2012. Users can also convert the videos from one format to other. In windows movie maker beautiful video effects and transitions are just a click away. I would specially recommend windows movie maker to the professional photographers for creating time lapse. Photographers can add as many frames as they want and can also adjust the frame rate, they will also be able to add beautiful transition effects to their time lapse photography. Download it here.

windows movie maker - best free and paid video editing software for students

2. Avidemux

Its another simple, easy to use and free video editing software for basic tasks. Users can crop, resize, increase brightness and can also add beautiful effects in the video with Avidemux. Users can also change the background audio of the clips. Download it here.

Avidemux video editor

3. VSDC video editor

This is another good free video editor in this list of best paid and free free video editing software for students. This free software have many drawing and selection tools to add some beautiful additions in your videos. Plus users can also adjust color and brightness and can also add many beautiful effects in the videos, download it now.

VSDC video editor

4. Camtasia Studio 8 [$282]

Camtasia studio 8 is not free software but its one of the essential video editing software for the professional video editors. Users can record their screens and power point in high quality. Users can also unleash their creativity with professional video editing tools. Get this tool here.

camtasia professional video editing software

5. Sony movie studio platinum [$52]

Here is another premium software for professional video editing. Users can edit and produce videos with special transitions. Package also includes sound forge audio 10 for awesome audio effects. Get Sony movie studio platinum here. We hope you will like our list of best paid and free video editing software for students, stay in touch for more buying guides.

sony movie platinum suite