Google glass a product that’s one of the hottest topics today. Every geek and tech lover is waiting for the Google glass to give it a try. Although Google glass is already available for the developers right now but the developers version is very costly. If you are looking for everything related to Google glass than you are on the right place. Today we are going to round-up Google glass introduction, features, price, release date, rumours and everything related to project glass. So stay calm and read this round-up completely.

Tech author testing Google glass

1. Introduction of Google glass

Google glass or Project Glass is the one the latest works by internet Giant “Google”. Google is trying to shut down the PCs, laptops, phones and tablets by putting the data in front of people eyes with its Project glass. Google is just like a wearable computer with plenty of features like camera, prism display, WiFi and much more, details are here.

2. Features of Google glass

Google glass structure - Google glass roundup

In project glass Google is trying to put more and latest features in it glass. Some of those are mentioned below.

1. Voice commands: Google glass is controlled by voice commands, to activate glass for the voice commands users just have to say “Ok glass” and then they can ask glass “to take pictures, to give directions, to compose email or message or to open a certain applications”.

2. Prism display: Before Google glass, some wearable gadgets was using “Head Mounted Display” but Google glass is successfully using “Prism display” and because of which Google has been successful in making a smallest wearable gadget. Glass’s display quality is equal to the display quality of 25 inch high definition screen from 8 feet away. Display prism is fitted on the frame just above the eye level, users can see what’s on the screen just by moving the eye ball upwards.

3. Camera: This wearable computer will be in the market with a 5 MP camera which can film at 720p. 5 MP camera is a cool addition because most of the average smartphones and laptops are having 3-5 MP cameras.

4. Memory: Built memory of the Google glass is also good, it will be available to the public with 16 GB of built memory. Although 12 GB will be available for user storage and all of the date will be sync to Google drive in cloud.

5. Bluetooth & WiFi: Google glass will be having Bluetooth and WiFi but GPS will not be available in Google glass. But users will be able to connect the device with any other Bluetooth enable device, so that they can user GPS of those devices.

6. Colors: The glass will be available in 5 colors, Black, orange, grey, white and blue.

Price of the Glass

Google glass is available for the developers right now but as I’ve mentioned earlier that the price for the developers is very high. The for the developers version is about $1500. But its expected that the price for the consumers version will be little low.

Release date

No particular release date is announced by the Google for the glass. But its expected to be released at the end of this year ( 2013 ), maybe near the Christmas.

Google glass competitors

Recon Jet - Products like Google glass

Google glass was not facing competition a year ago but now more than 5 companies are trying to manufacture wearable computers like Google. Recon jet and EPIPHANY EYEWEAR are the two competitors of the Google glass.

Last words about Google glass round-up

So, this is Google glass round-up, Google will be the best product ever made by the Google. Google glass will also change the way people use computer, people will be able to take picture and video anytime and anywhere just by their voice commands. They will be able to receive their phone calls on the highway without any fear of the traffic police and much more. We hope you will like the stuff but don’t miss out this collection of Google glass photos.

[UPDATE 5/10/13]

Google has started Google glass tour to introduce its upcoming product to US public, its first spot is Durham’s American Underground Campus.