Seems interesting, but according to a Spokesman from the Traffic Department, UK Google Glass would be banned across the United Kingdom. Don’t be too serious please, this Law will not applicable to all the residents of the United Kingdom. But the British Government is thinking to ban Google Glass while driving just like the ban of the mobile phones while driving. British Government thinks that its highly dangerous to wear and use the upcoming Google device while driving, because it can distract the attention of the drivers from the windscreen and that’s highly dangerous.

According to the UK Traffic department Spokesman, “There are already many penalties and fixes for the drivers who don’t pay proper attention to the road while driving that’s why we are going to ban Google’s smartglass for the drives in the United Kingdom”. 

Google Glass to be banned in UK copy

A driver using Google glass would likely to be bear £60 fixed penalty + 3 stars on the License ( A penalty sign on the License for mobile phone usage ). Remember, Google glass is not released yet but UK government is thinking to down its market. But what will Google do now to fix this issue?

In a reply to this UK government’s statement a Google spokesman said: “We have designed Google Glass very carefully, but new technologies always raises issues. Our Glass Explorer program, currently only launched in US have attracted people from all walks of life and will insure that our users will be active participants in shaping the future of this new technology”.

So, that was views of two different types of department “Traffic department and Google’s smartglass department”. I think both are right according to their concerns. For examples, its the job of the Traffic department to provide safe journeys on the road and drivers proper attention on the road is very important for road safety purpose. But when I think about the other possibilities which Google glass can create for the drivers, I feel Google glass shouldn’t be banned. For example, easy use of navigation apps ( without using hands ), capturing the accidents, picking and making the calls without using hands are good features of the Glass for the drivers.

But if UK Government bans the Google glass in the country then the British app developers will also face a big loss and that’s what they don’t deserve from the Government. So, I think Google glass shouldn’t be banned but what’s your opinion?