Tizen OS introduction

After years of development, Tizen has been seen in some phones. Following this Samsung has also announced Tizen powered Gear-2 Neo and Tizen powered Samsung Gear. Samsung has also launched first smartphone of the world with Tizen operating system in Russia, named as The Samsung-Z. Till now Samsung was using Android operating system of Google to run Galaxy tablets and smartphones. However it has now proceeded with the development of Tizen Samsung new mobile operating system which acts as an alternative to iOS, Windows phone and Google`s mobile operating system. This OS is different from Android and is aimed at reducing the fan following of Android apps. This OS joins Jolla Sailfish, Ubuntu Touch and Firefox OS. Tizen is really impressive.

Open Source

For development of Tizen operating system, Samsung and Intel have worked together. It is Linux based platform that is built from the Nokia ditched MeeGo of Intel. Just like Android it is open source. Open source means that a hardware manufacturer who chooses to adopt this OS can freely tinker with interface and UI for making it unique to the extent he would like. Tizen is the Samsung`s first attempt to an OS.


HTML 5 is the basis of Tizen operating system. Being HTML based it is an attraction for the content creators. They will be allowed intuitive working with web, shorter development-cycles and lower apps making cost. For users, they can expect slicker mobile-web applications for the tablets and phones. This will eliminate the need for plug-ins by providing greater native-support. So you will be able to listen songs or watch YouTube videos easily.

Tizen`s similarity with Android`s TouchWiz

Question arises whether Tizen operating system is user friendly just like Android or iOS or not. Latest guise of Tizen does not look totally different from TouchWiz layered Android. While running on prototype phones, dynamic boxes can be adjusted for revealing more app information. Another similarity is that of notification bar along with toggle bar just like in TouchWiz-UI. It is set for supporting integrated power-saving, multitasking, firewall for blocking sites and many other features that are currently available in existing Samsung phones.

It is not only for smartphones

Tizen offers unified experience through multiple devices. Its applications are not for just a few devices. Users may expect its applications in laptops, TVs, and even in car & bank industries. Tizen`s application in tablets have already been seen. It is also seen in the car entertainment systems. First Tizen camera device was launched in 2013 and now it has advanced to smartphones.

Tizen apps

For the success and growth of a new OS, apps play most important part. Tizen will be able to support web and native apps just like for Bada. Asphalt-7 and cut-the-rope are set for Tizen store. So you can get an idea about the content`s caliber at its launch. Tizen will also include multiuser profiles, games support and apps requiring more advanced 3D-graphics. It is expected to be updated in the early 2015.

Tizen’s future

Samsung has entered the world of designing operating systems but it still has to work more for a long period to get recognition as main developer of OS. Whether this OS will be available for Galaxy S6 or not, we cannot predict. Its 3.0 version is already working and is getting positive responses.