Usually Samsung’s premium phones feature super AMOLED display but now the company is going to add LCD screen instead of AMOLED panel in its next big smartphone “Samsung Galaxy S5”. Samsung Galaxy s5 that will be the real rival of Apple iPhone 5S will have 64bit processor, 3GB of the RAM and for the first in the Galaxy series it will have a metal form factor that will make it compete with HTC one.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be released during the first quarter of the next year, this could be in March. Along-with Galaxy S5 company will also release next generation galaxy gear smartwatch.

One of the galaxy’s downside’s is its “slightly artificial display” but with LCD screens we may be able to have an improved display quality in S5. But do you know why Samsung would feature LCD in galaxy s5? Actually, company wants to maintain the prices below iPhone 5S’s price. LCD screen will help company to lower production costs as company is also going to give a metal form factor to S5.

Moreover, recently Samsung have released Galaxy round (curved smartphone) and according to the latest reports iPhone 6 will also be a curved smartphone, but do you think will Samsung add curved display in Galaxy S5?