Leaks, leaks and rumours that’s all we have about Nexus 5. Today we have got another Nexus 5 leaks but in the form of detailed Nexus 5 hands on video, so that this time you will see how upcoming nexus phone really looks like. Nexus 5 is placed on Play Store, Nexus 5 dummies are popping up in many carrier retail shops, pre-orders are also running on ebay and nexus 5 cases are also available but still everyone is waiting for a word from Google and LG.

Some days ago we reported that Nexus 5 launch has been delayed by a month that’s seems true but leak after leak is proving that Nexus 5 ¬†launch will surely take place within next 15 days. In this video Key Lime Pie is shown as android version in about that’s mean nexus 5 in the video is running an old version, moreover reported customizations like camera button on lock screen and other are not the part of the android version installed in the phone showing in this video. But when Nexus 5 will be launched it will have KitKat installed in it. Also remember Google will also release Nexus 4 LTE, Nexus 10 2 and smartwatch on Nexus 5 release event. See the latest leaks in the following video but don’t forget to checkout everything about Nexus 5.