Next Step In Data Protection

Online security has always been a concern especially in cases where the information is sensitive in nature and requires to be protected. The issue can be addressed through 2 step verification process. Google USB Security Key is the next step in online security of data and other important information. It provides a strong second layer of security for Google accounts. In the current scenario, when a user enables a 2-step verification process, a verification code is messaged to the mobile phone of the user which is used as the second authentication factor. USB Security Key is a step forward, which uses a physical USB plug-in device which functions as the second authentication factor.

A Higher Level Of Security

The device is a plug-in device that needs to be plugged into the USB port of a computer. It detects and verifies whether the login site is an authentic Google site or a duplicate site faking being a Google site. Instead of typing the code, the USD Security Key is to be inserted into the computer’s USB port and the icon is to be tapped when prompted in chrome. It ensures that the cryptographic trademark cannot be phished.

Technical Specifications

Google Chrome and Google USB Security Key incorporate the open U2F protocol, or Universal 2nd Factor protocol. The protocol is within the FIDO Connections. The FIDO U2F support helps enhance security of the login systems and protect important user information such as passwords and user data. Google USB Security Key is free of charge for use with Google accounts. However, users ought to purchase a well suited USB FIDO U2F certified key device directly from a participating U2F vendor. Google USB Security Key is a highly effective security tool to protect important data. The device is simple to use and protects high level of protection.