“Boss” A person who can’t be happy until he sees something special in his bank account. Yes, it’s totally true because “Boss of company” is doing a lot for his employees, he is investing his everything in the business, he is sacrificing his days and nights for the business and all this is only meant for the progress of the business. But progress only comes when people do hard work and that’s what a boss wants from his employees. Usually bosses are not happy with the performance of their employees, because they always think that employees are providing less than they deserve. Thinking like this is a normal thing for a person who is investing his everything in his business, that’s why almost every employee thinks that “boss is always unhappy”. But there could be some other certain reasons why your boss is not happy. Today we will discuss some reasons why your boss is not happy and will also tell you how to make your boss happy.

make your boss happy if your boss is not happy


Threatening your boss; This is one of the most common reasons why your boss is not happy. Its not wrong to think about the progress but asking your boss like “I deserve a better boss than you and a better company than yours and I’m already getting better offers” is just like cutting your own hands.  If an employee thinks that he/she will convince his boss for a promotion or increase in pay like this than that employee is totally out of mind. As I’ve mentioned earlier “boss always thinks that his employees are not working with their full potential”. So if you talk to your boss like this than he/she replace you immediately to try a new person on your seat or he/she don’t have authority to replace you than he/she will permanently change his/her mind for you. That’s why always think twice before talking to your boss.


Jealous of others; Its very important to keep a friendly environment at the place of work. But “jealousy” is a thing which can turn place of work into a battlefield. That’s why one should not be jealous of others promotion and increase in salary. This thing will make your boss unhappy. Because he knows better who deserve the promotion and who don’t. So, if you talk against the decision of your boss than he/she will surely don’t like your act.


Asking for increase in pay; Another thing which can make your boss unhappy is asking for increase in pay or promotion when you don’t deserve it or when the company can’t afford that. An employee knows better about the economical condition of the company and asking for increase in pay while company can’t afford that can make your boss unhappy. So, never ask for increase in pay when the economical condition of the company is tight.


Personal issues; If you’re a manager of a department in any company and you threat your boss that you’ll take the whole department on strike because you’re having personal issues with the boss. This thing will surely force your boss to think about you.

How to make your boss happy


If your company have some problems like company is facing financial problems and want more hard work. Than you can impress your boss or can make him happy by giving some extra time to the company. It will really increase your reputation in the eyes of your boss.


Bring a better plan for the company when you think company is not on the right track. Convince your boss for this and tell him about the current condition of the company and about the benefits of your plan. This way you will be able to impress your boss. And if the company is having other problems than finance like, management problems than you could also bring solution for those problems.


Always try to create a friendly environment in the office. Appreciate your co workers, be polite with then and always help juniors. If you have a party at than don’t forget to invite your co-workers specially your boss.

Last words about how to make boss happy

So, these are the some reasons telling you about the secrets behind bad mood of your boss and some tips to make it better. But as a business person you also need to learn some marketing tips and the art of attracting more customers. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.