This week is brining a lot of updates in the world of video gaming, yesterday three popular games came out of the box. GTA online, NBA 2K14 and than Battlefield 4 beta, all these games came in a single day. Yesterday first we covered GTA online that was most awaited online game than we published a video review of NBA 2k14 ( the most popular basket ball game ) and now we are going to start covering battlefield 4 beta. Battlefield 4 beta is not what real gamers want, hopefully the full version of the game will solve issues related with Beta version.

battlefield 4 beta download issue solution

Yesterday game was launched for North American and European PC, xBox and PlayStation users. But most of the xBox live users outside America are facing downloading issue, because game was supposed to appear in games menu but most xBox live users are still unable to find Battlefield 4 beta. As usual we have found an easy solution for our readers, just follow these steps to download battlefield 4 beta on xBox live.

1. Sign out of your xBox live.

2. Go to system settings.

3. Head to console settings.

4. Proceed to language and locale.

5. Change locale to United Kingdom.

6. Sign in.

7. Sing out Again.

8. Now check in games menu, Battlefield 4 beta should be appearing now. You can also watch the following video for detailed help.

last words about Battlefield beta 4

So, this is the simple solution if you’re unable to find Battlefield 4 beta in your Xbox 360. This is an issue on Microsoft side and they are still trying to solve that but because of this solution you don’t have to wait for Microsoft’s action. Moreover battlefield will be available to the rest of world on October 4th. This beta version is only for those users who have pre-ordered for Battlefield 4 or have Battlefield 3 premium membership or have purchased a copy of medal of honour. In addition the full version of Battlefield 4 will be available on October 29.