Today most awaited windows 8.1 released globally. The update comes at a critical time when Microsoft is facing decline in its PC sales. Windows 8 was also unsuccessful to impress many windows users. Despite windows 8 is way faster than windows 7 but once everyone was talking about “how to downgrade from windows 8 to windows 7”. But know windows 8.1 is here to resolve issues with windows 8, here is what’s new in it.

Windows 8.1 Released Globally, Here's What New In It

Image Source: CNET

1. Start button

In windows 8 company replaced start button with start menu. The tiles look awesome but many users insisted to add start button again because they want traditional desktop look. That’s why start button is again available in windows 8.1.

2. Desktop mode in Windows 8.1

Although desktop is available in windows 8 but some options like start button was absent. But now there is a complete desktop mode to avoid tiled interface.

3. Keyboard short-cuts

Some useful keyboard short-cuts are also added in windows 8.1 to rock your keyboard experience.

4. Gesture controls and tile sizes

Gesture controls are added in windows 8.1 to minimize use of touch while getting through different pages and tabs. Moreover now 4 sizes are available for blocks or tiles.

5. Improved web browsing

Now separate web pages will displayed side by side. Moreover some further changes like better connection with xBox games and improved  multitasking are also part of the update. Hope you will like windows 8.1 that is globally released today.