This week’s top 10 Nexus 7 deals on ebay will let you save some money. The Nexus 7 is a great tablet, and you can save a lot of money when you shop on eBay for it. It is important that you look for a seller that you can trust with a good approval rating. While you may score a better deal with an auction, you can also get a great deal on a Nexus 7 by using an ebay coupon code. The coupon code will give you additional money off of your purchase. Moreover checkout the following list of top 10 nexus 7 deals on ebay to save some money.

top 10 Nexus 7 deals on ebay

1. Nexus 7 7” 16 GB Refurbished

This model is refurbished and available for only $149.99. It is a refurbished model and has android Jellybean installed as the operating system. The best part of the deal is that it comes with free expedited shipping. The seller has an approval rating of 98.9%, which is quite good. This is a great price on the model. Grab this deal here.

2. Nexus 7 7” 32 GB Refurbished with Warranty

This is another great deal on a refurbished Nexus 7. Currently it is listed as Buy It Now and is available for $159.99. It also qualifies for free shipping. The seller has an approval rating of 99.2%. This is a great deal if you want more memory on your tablet. Grab this deal here.

3. New 2nd Generation Nexus 7 16 GB

This new model is available for $255.00 as a buy it now option. There are several models currently available. The seller has a 99.8% approval rating on the item. You will need to pay for shipping, but it is a good price on a brand new Nexus 7. Top 10 Nexus 7 deals on ebay also include more 2nd generation models, another is below. You can buy it here.

4. 2Nd Generation 16 GB Nexus 7

This is offered as Buy It Now, but it does have a limited availability. You will need to cover the cost of shipping, but with the low price of $200.00, you should take advantage of this deal on eBay before someone else does. Get this deal here.

5. Brand New 1st Generation 16 GB Nexus 7

You can purchase this first generation model for only $179.99. You will need to cover the cost of shipping, but the seller does have an approval rating of 99.8%. This is a great deal on the tablet, and it is an eBay Buy It Now product. Buy here.

6. Opened Box 32 GB Nexus 7

If you want more memory on your tablet, you should consider this tablet. While it is open box, it is still a great deal on the tablet. It is a 2012 model, and the seller has a current approval rating of 99.4%. There is free shipping available. Buy here.

7. Manufacturer Refurbished Nexus 7

This tablet comes with free shipping and is available for only $169.99. The seller is TigerDirect and has a 98.3% approval rating. This is a good option if you want something that has been refurbished. Buy Nexus 7 here.

8. 2013 Model Nexus 7 Brand New

If you want the latest model available, you should look at this 16 GB 7 inch option. It does come with free shipping, and the seller has a 99.9% approval rating. There are only a few more available, so you should jump on this offer. Get it here.

9. Travel Bundle Nexus 7

You can save a lot on this bundle that comes with refurbished 7-inch, 16 GB Nexus, and a cover for the tablet. This can save you quite a bit of money, especially since this model comes with free shipping. Buy it here.

10. Used Nexus 7

This Nexus 7 is a great deal on eBay. It is used, but is available for only $99.00. You can use an eBay coupon code 2013 to save even more on this purchase. At this price, you can easily justify getting a tablet. Buy it here.

Last words about Top 10 Nexus 7 Deals on Ebay

So, these are the week’s top 10 Nexus 7 deals on Ebay. Although Nexus 5 is also coming in November but if you’re going to buy Nexus 7 than you must checkout these deals for discounted prices. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more buying guides.

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